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‘Glad he’s done as Shazam’: Zachary Levi calling Actors strike rules ‘dumb’ has internet comparing him to Stephen Amell, DC Film star’s SAG-AFTRA strike comment backfires

‘Glad he’s done as Shazam’: Zachary Levi calling Actors strike rules ‘dumb’ has internet comparing him to Stephen Amell, DC Film star’s SAG-AFTRA strike comment backfires

Zachary Levi is in the same boat as Stephen Amell after what seems like the actor suggested the SAG-AFTRA strike rules are “dumb” during his panel at the Manchester Comic-Con. The Shazam! Fury of the Gods actor is facing backlash for sharing his thoughts on not being able to promote or discuss his past & upcoming projects like Tangled and Chuck.

Zachary Levi is once again in hot waters though it is unrelated to Shazam! Fury of the Gods. A video has surfaced from Levi’s appearance at the UK Comic-Con event which took place in late July – amid the Actors Strike. So it would explain why the star spoke cryptically attempting to address some of his past works like Tangled, Chuck and Fury of the Gods.

UPDATE: Levi clarified in an official statement that his “dumb” comment was an “offhand remark I made in jest last weekend is being taken out of context” and reiterated his commitment to the strike and added, “Let me be very clear. I fully support my union.”

“I’m not allowed to talk about… This is so dumb. I’m not allowed to talk about any of my previous work,” Levi remarks in the video. While audiences can be heard cheering – the same cannot be said for the reactions on Twitter/X.

Not only does Levi’s superhero status from the DC franchise on par with Stephen Amell – but the DCEU actor and DCTV star’s criticism against the SAG-AFTRA strike is also something that they share in common, according to fans on social media. @Browntable_Ent noted, “Zachary Levi really said “sit down Stephen I’ll show you how it’s done”.” Readers can check it out below.

Others also claimed Levi’s public image is just as torn as Amell, @CBMovieFan posted, “Zachary Levi & Stephen Amell are attempting to speedrun their entire careers. A few also shared Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson‘s act of support in donating a seven-figure amount while the Shazam! Fury of the Gods actor appears to be finding fault in the strike guidelines.

But unlike Stephen Amell’s case, some fans have come forward to stand in support of Zachary stating the actor’s comments are being taken out of context. In fact, The American Underdog star has used his online platform to amplify voices participating in the strike. Levi has retweeted quite a few posts such as Mark Ruffalo‘s comment on encouraging actors to work on indie projects.

Zachary fans are arguing on social media over why actors aren’t even allowed to criticize some of the decisions related to the strike rules. Nonetheless, the Chuck alum has faced largely faced adverse reactions to his comment.

Amell for his part has also hinted he may take part in the picket but did suggest his criticism towards the strike was invoked by “I’m simply sad that we don’t have a chance to celebrate a show [Hells season 2] that all of us figuratively and I literally, broke my back for.” In the case of Levi, the actor does not have any upcoming projects to promote. Moreover, playing the grown-up version of Billy Batson in James Gunn‘s DCU is also in doubt due to the sequel’s failure at the box office.




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