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God Of Thunder Shows His True Might In Thor: Ragnarok Official Trailer

God Of Thunder Shows His True Might In Thor: Ragnarok Official Trailer

Marvel Studios finally unveiled its first official trailer from Thor: Ragnarok during their panel presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. The footage is quite stunning and by the looks of it, the film could possibly feature some of the best battle scenes.

First off, the trailer confirms that the Thor is still no match against The Hulk and is humiliatingly defeated in the Grandmaster arena. But the God of Thunder hides the fact that The Hulk was the true victor when explaining it to Bruce Banner, “That doesn’t sound right.”

The earlier teaser trailer revealed Hela shattering Thor’s hammer into pieces. However, in the new trailer, the God of Thunder says “I lost my hammer” rather describing that the Mjolnir was destroyed in the hands of the God of death.

The trailer also reveals Mark Ruffalo in his human form as Bruce Banner. It looks like the actor’s cameo won’t be all in the green beasts form.

The Hulk also gets to voice his opinion as we finally hear him utter words/complete sentences for the first time. Moreover, it looks like the green beasts could steal the limelight from Thor as he also seems to take on Surtur in the film.

Hela seems to be one of the toughest opponents Thor has ever faced. Moreover, it may look like the God of Thunder is outmatched with Mjolnir. However, in the end of the trailer, fans get a glimpse of the Asgardians’ true powers. Fans can check out the trailer below.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd this year. The Hulk makes a cameo appearance and fights beside his fellow Avengers to save Asgard and to stop the events of Ragnarok from ever occurring.

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