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‘Good things are coming’: Suicide Squad director teases David Ayer cut & discussion with DC Studios’ James Gunn regarding its release

‘Good things are coming’: Suicide Squad director teases David Ayer cut & discussion with DC Studios’ James Gunn regarding its release

The David Ayer cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad may end up receiving the Snyder cut treatment after all. The Fury director has offered some hopeful updates on his Task Force X project and going by his statement, DC Studios CEO James Gunn seems to have discussed with him the possibility of releasing the director’s cut at some point, possibly after fleshing out the current DCU’s chapter 1.

While Warner Bros. Discovery moves further away from the earlier regime’s DC Extended Universe banner – the weight of the past franchise still hangs heavily on the DCU. In fact, James Gunn continues to face heat from Zack Snyder’s Justice League fans as well as the Ayer cut followers for killing off any hopes of the Snyderverse, which started with the replacement of Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel for Chapter 1’s title, Superman: Legacy.

With Warner Bros. Pictures expected to showcase DCU’s Gods and Monsters plans at CinemaCon this year, DCEU fans were more concerned over if the Suicide Squad director’s cut would see the light of day under James Gunn’s helm. One fan also queried the helmer and surprisingly, David Ayer offered assurance by revealing he recently spoke to the DC Studios CEO.

David Ayer teases Suicide Squad director cut after setting up DCU Chapter 1

“I spoke to him a while ago. All with patience,” tweeted Ayer (translated from Spanish). “He has the right to put together his new universe before visiting the past. Cheer up. Good things are coming” Readers can check out the tweet below.

Going by the above tweet, it seems Gunn is currently prioritizing the world-building of DCU and understandably so. WBD’s current strategy would prioritize raking in profits with upcoming blockbusters while also assuring there lies an exciting DC Film line-up for moviegoers and theater owners.

Earlier in November, Gunn first addressed the Release The Ayer Cut movement and while his response was cryptic – the filmmaker called “these requests” enthusiastic & respectful of the fandom. Moreover, Gunn has also expressed his support for David Ayer in the past, so it seems likely the DCU architect could revisit this chapter from the DCEU.

It remains to be seen what this could mean for the Snyderverse movement as well. It has lately turned into a campaign where DCEU stans are requesting Netflix to buy Zack Snyder’s Justice League – in hopes of exploring those character arcs in an Elseworld universe.




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