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Green Lantern Corps: Reasons Why John Krasinski Can Make A Great Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps: Reasons Why John Krasinski Can Make A Great Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one character in the superhero genre that has been on the receiving end of criticism ever since Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern released. The Emerald Knight is yet to witness a much-deserved success at the box office and join the likes of other successful heroes. It looks like  Green Lantern Corps could change the tide for DCEU.

WB/DC have also made their intentions clear that they want to get the hero back in the superhero scenario and give him another shot. They also released a casting shortlist a while back, which consisted of actors who could take on the role.

The real question is did the studio leave the one actor out of the shortlist who can truly do justice to the character?

John Krasinski is one of those names that might not come to many fans’ mind when it comes to Green Lantern. But dig deeper and fans will notice that Krasinski has been on multiple fan-casts for the Green Lantern Corps movie.

He has the looks, physique and talent to pull off a character like Hal Jordan. Besides this, his movies have shown that he can strike a perfect balance between action and comedy genre, something that Green Lantern Corps will be going for.

Here are more specific reasons for why Krasinski could totally nail the role of one of the most powerful DC heroes ever.

As mentioned above Krasinski has the personality to portray a superhero. It might not be the most important factor while playing a superhero but it certainly helps. Given the way Hal Jordan/Green Lantern has been portrayed in the comics, he is one of the actors who could actually bring all of Jordan’s qualities to the big screen.

Standing tall at 6’3’’, Krasinski would easily match the likes of Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa and others as he goes up against a major villain like Darkseid. For those who still do not believe Krasinski can play a superhero, they might want to take a look at Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

Pratt was nowhere near playing a superhero. He did not even have a substantial leading role in a movie. But he lost oodles of weight, beefed up and in turn became one of Hollywood’s most bankable A-listers.

Apart from this if fans were to see Krasinski’s performance in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, they would automatically be convinced that he can play a veteran Green Lantern. He shed the goofy look and played a tough soldier with so much intensity that it won many fans over.

Age is the other factor that can really work in Krasinski’s favor. The studio has clearly mentioned that they need Jordan to be someone between the ages of 39-50. If they stick to this age group, Krasinski would fit the bill better.

His age would also help him in portraying an experienced Green Lantern who has been part of the Corps for a while. In addition to this when he takes up the role of being a mentor to a younger John Stewart, fans will be able to see the age gap between the two leads more clearly.

Also when it comes to the rumored frontrunner Armie Hammer, the studio might find it a little bit difficult to show the much required age gap between the two Lanterns since Hammer is quite young for the role.

The main reason why Krasinski can take on this role is that the bar for this movie has been set too low. Fans have still not forgotten the debacle that Reynolds’ version was. Although the fault wasn’t on the actor’s part, the movie still became an example of how not to make a superhero flick.

If Krasinski comes aboard on for Green Lantern Corps, he will get to star in a recurring superhero role that could easily span years and the studio would get just the right actor with which they can relaunch their Green Lantern-verse within the DCEU.

If everything goes right, Krasinski might as well become the Pratt of DCEU and give fans a superhero worth remembering.

Den of Geek reported that Green Lantern Corps is being described as Lethal Weapon in space with Jordan and Stewart as the two co-leads. Jordan will show Stewart how to be a Green Lantern as they roam around policing the universe. The movie will release in 2020.





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