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Ghostbusters Director Says Guardians of the Galaxy Is James’ Franchise

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Ghostbusters Director Says Guardians of the Galaxy Is James’ Franchise

It seems after James Gunn’s exit from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Disney is having a hard time finding a new director for the film. Gunn was fired after some of his old controversial posts that mentioned pedophilia and transmisogyny came to light.

There are already a lot of rumors surrounding the names that could be in line to fill the director’s chair. One among those is Ghostbusters director Paul Feig.

During the latest Happy Sad Confused podcast, when Feig was asked if there was any possibility of him replacing Gunn to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he said he was not interested in taking up any such opportunity. He added that Guardians of the Galaxy has been James’ franchise and it will always remain so, reported

I would never take anything away from another filmmaker,” Feig said. “You can think whatever, moralize about what James wrote. I don’t make those kinds of jokes, I don’t like those kinds of jokes. But still, that’s James’ franchise.”

When asked if the Ghostbusters director is ready to helm a different superhero movie, he said he is open to it, although he is not quite fascinated with the concept of superheroes.

I’m open to it,” Feig said. “I really appreciate superheroes, but I don’t love them. My problem is that I can never figure out the stakes because if a guy gets punched through a building and the building falls on him and he can get up and shake his head, then I don’t know what I’m rooting for with you. The first Iron Man, I loved because here’s a human guy… That I can get behind, and he’s so smart that he builds all this other stuff. That I get. Batman’s the same way. Batman’s a rich guy who invents all this cool stuff that I understand. It’s why I loved Ghostbusters. Here are these scientists who invented this stuff. They’re still human.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still without a director and a release date attached yet.  It is expected that the film will try to meet its planned early 2019 production start date.

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