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Halloween Movie: Jamie Lee Curtis Spent A Month Recovering After Filming, New Clips From Film

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Halloween Movie: Jamie Lee Curtis Spent A Month Recovering After Filming, New Clips From Film

Earlier this September, After the premiere of Halloween movie at the Toronto International film festival, critics have raved about the movie and it certainly seems like it is in for a good box office earning later this month.

In EW’s recent issue, the cast and team of Halloween discussed the making of the reboot project. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis especially had a lot to say about her return and how she mistakenly thought it wouldn’t require much effort on her part.

At first, the writers of Halloween had decided that the movie should heavily feature Laurie Strode although it still wasn’t confirmed if Curtis would even be interested in returning to the franchise.

Director David Gordon Green eventually decided to ask actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s help who was a friend of Curtis. Green and Gyllenhaal worked together on 2017 released ‘Stronger’ movie project.

After Gyllenhaal reached out to Curtis and told her that Green wanted to talk to her regarding Halloween, the actress was willing to know more about it.

[David and I] spoke on the phone and he started to explain it and I just said, ‘Just send the script to me.’ From the first couple of scenes, I understood what they were trying to do. It was very clear, the integrity, The simplicity.” said Curtis.

While it seems like Curtis was swayed by the script, the actress still didn’t know what she was in for until she touched down on the set.

When I first got sent the script, I literally said, ‘Look, you guys, I’m in it so little, you can shoot me out in, like, five days,’” said Curtis.

After arriving on the Charleston set and when the actress began rehearsing with Green, she realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought it would be when she started to unpack the psychic damage Myers had done to the character.

I started crying the day I arrived,” she says. “I didn’t stop crying until the day I left.” She also added, “It was an arduous shoot, very physical. I spent a month recovering.”

Even director John Carpenter opened up about his involvement with the project. Furthermore, he also spoke a little about revamping the original soundtrack for the reboot movie.

Universal Pictures has also released some new clips from the movie. One clip is from a scene when Michael Myers comes in contact with Laurie Strode and attempt to break into her house.  You can check it out below.




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