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‘Hamada’s plan with tweaks’: Gal Gadot assures a Wonder Woman 3 is in works under James Gunn’s DCU & Henry Cavill’s Superman fans are not happy

‘Hamada’s plan with tweaks’: Gal Gadot assures a Wonder Woman 3 is in works under James Gunn’s DCU & Henry Cavill’s Superman fans are not happy

It appears not all of DCEU’s trinity are being replaced for James Gunn‘s DCU, going by Gal Gadot‘s comment which suggests the DC Studios CEOs are developing the Wonder Woman 3 project for Chapter 1 of Gods and Monsters. But fans are puzzled as the new interconnected universe was expected to be a reboot with a fresh slate of new actors like David Cornswet‘s Superman. Moreover, Henry Cavill‘s Superman stans are also disappointed by the news.

While Gadot has not been absent from recent DC films considering her cameos in Shazam! fury of the Gods and The Flash – the actress’ silence throughout the two title’s promotions rose doubts if her character would also be replaced with a new face. But while promoting her upcoming Netflix film, Heart of Stone – the F10 actress revealed the DCU architect has a threequel in plan for the Princess of Themyscira.

“I love portraying Wonder Woman,” Gadot said to Comicbook. “It’s so close to and dear to my heart. From what I heard from James and from Peter is that we’re gonna develop a Wonder Woman 3 together.”

The general reaction to the news has DC Film fanatics puzzled by Gunn’s decision to drop Henry Cavill’s Superman and bid farewell to Ben Affleck’s Batman while Gal Gadot remains onboard. Though some have cautioned against Gadot’s comment suggesting it could also be a multiverse Wonder Woman flick to make way for a new actor to play Diana Prince. Others are also indicating Gal may end up with a producer credit (some insiders have also speculated this possibility).

Gunn is once again facing heat over Gadot’s comment for utilizing a Snyderverse character while also erasing parts of it like Henry Cavill’s Superman. Though in fairness, the director only indicated The Flash would reset some sections of the old universe. Nonetheless, some critics like Sheraz Farooqi are comparing the current strategy to former DC Film President Walter Hamada. The WB executive also planned on replacing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight taking on the reign.

Since Patty Jenkinsdeparture from helming WW3, James Gunn has not outright confirmed Gadot’s future in Gods and Monsters. Still, the GOTG Vol. 3 director has denied replacing Gadot too, “I’m not sure where you’re getting that we ‘booted’ Gal,” the filmmaker said in December 2022.

Gadot’s acting range has long been a topic of debate with many critiquing her previous WW appearances as lukewarm performances. Nevertheless, a Wonder Woman 3 project was not part of the Chapter 1 announcement so it remains to be seen if it will be part of the initial slate or a title planned for Chapter 2.

In any case, development updates on the threequel should not be expected until the SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end. In fact, the actress’ quote from CB’s interview was conducted before the Actors Strike.




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