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Harley Quinn season 3 episode 1 – fans react to Harlivy sexy & violent honeymoon, James Gunn, Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad cameo & more

Harley Quinn season 3 episode 1 – fans react to Harlivy sexy & violent honeymoon, James Gunn, Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad cameo & more

Harley Quinn season 3 episode 1 is packed with Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy moments and it only gets better with exciting new cameos from director James Gunn, Amanda Waller (Tisha Campbell) and The Suicide Squad. The first three episodes are out on HBO Max and fan reactions for episode 1 are already hailing the creators behind the series for exploring Harlivy’s relationship. Here are some of the best moments that struck a chord with fans.

Harlivy is official as Harley Quinn season 3 episode 1 kicks off with a rather steamy bedroom scene of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, it’s quickly revealed to be a porn parody being watched by fans’ favorite couple in the Fortress of Solitude. The sequence only gets better when Jor-El pops up and calls Superman to kick out the crashers. And that sets off Harlivy’s honeymoon trip or better put, the “Eat Bang Kill” tour.

Traveling around the world (with Wonder Woman’s invisible jet), Harley and Ivy set off on their adventure beating up goons and stealing their hard-earned bank robbery money, enjoying in their cozy bed naked (And no, it’s not the imposter Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in bed, no queer baiting) while giving Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Melon) a call from the “IRS”.

The Eat, Bang, Kill tour packed with sweet, fun and raunchy and little scary moments get a whole lot crazier when Ivy finds out Harley kidnapped Queen Elizabeth (Kari Wahlgren). Meanwhile, Gordon – even after his failed attempt at capturing Ivy in Harley Quinn season 2 finale, goes ahead with his Mayor campaign with Two-Face (Andy Daly) as his manager. It gets more hilarious when Gordon is piled on by the crowd and his own lieutenant, Cheryl for wasting taxpayers’ money.

The season 3 premiere episode wasn’t all about Harlivy living their life in the Eden garden. It quickly shifts to King Shark (Ron Funches) and Clayface (Alan Tudyk) in Gotham city, incarcerated in Arkham after Gordon nabbed them at the wedding. A prison break that includes kidnapping Amanda Waller, Gordon accidentally causing a domino effect that leaves a rat orphaned in Bruce Wayne style, a whimsy introduction of David AyersSuicide Squad and to top it all off, James Gunn sitting on Clayface’s well, face – Harley Quinn season 3 episode 1 or should we say, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, as the closing title puts it, is a good start with a promising fun-filled storyline.

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It looks like Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy is canon in this DC animated Universe but for how long? Will there be an eventual break-up? It’s too soon to break fans’ hearts so it’s safe to say there’s more to our favorite super villain couples – like maybe terraforming Gotham City into an Eden garden.

Harley Quinn season 3 episodes 1, 2 and 3 are available to watch online via HBO Max.




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