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Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Reveals How He Broke His Arms In Video

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers

Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Reveals How He Broke His Arms In Video

Actor Jeremy Renner is well known for playing the Marvel superhero known as Hawkeye for the MCU. He will be seen next in the comedy film, Tag, which is based on a real group of men who reunite every year to play an intense game of tag.

While promoting Tag on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Renner revealed that he actually broke both of his arms on the film sets. He described exactly what went down as he worked a stunt that involved him surfing on a stack of folding chairs which was about 20 feet in height.

So I do the stunt… there’s a stack of chairs like 20 feet high and it’s supposed to fall over and I’m supposed to ride it down like a surfboard and keep running,” the Hawkeye actor said. “So that happened a couple times and it wasn’t quite good enough so let’s do it again, but the hinge broke and anyway the stack of chairs was supposed to go and it didn’t go and I went and I fell and I broke both my… well I didn’t know I broke my arms, I just fell on the ground.”

After falling down, Renner did the stunt again without realizing that he broke both his arms.

And I’m like, ‘that kinda hurt. Do it again.’ So, I went up and did it again,” he said.

However, later, when Renner figured out that something wasn’t quite right, he got himself checked out. He was told that he had fractured both his radial and his wrist. The actor revealed that even after knowing about his broken arms, he went back to shoot and finished the day.

I was like, ‘What do I do? What do I do now?’ Gotta go back to work. Finish the day,” he said. “I went back to work, and it’s a scene where I’m flinging donuts. One of my arms [is] broken. I couldn’t take the cast off, but I could take this little thing off and throw the donuts like this.”

Renner said that he chose to keep filming despite the injury because he had Avengers 4 lined up after Tag.

Well, kudos to Jeremy Renner’s insane work commitment. Rumors have it that Hawkeye will play a crucial role in the next yet-to-be-titled Avengers 4 film which is set to release next year.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon




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