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Hellboy Movie: Mike Mignola Teases A Scene Straight Outta The Comics, Calls Movie ‘A Great Festival Of Monsters’

First look at David Harbour as Hellboy

Hellboy Movie: Mike Mignola Teases A Scene Straight Outta The Comics, Calls Movie ‘A Great Festival Of Monsters’

Earlier on Saturday at NYCC, Fans got their first glimpse at Neil Marshall’s reboot movie of Mike Mignola’s comic book character Hellboy and it seems to have widely been appreciated by the audience that was in attendance. The two-minute sizzle reel that was showcased won’t be making its way online anytime soon. but fortunately, the main cast and Mignola had a lot to say about the upcoming movie.

After the Hellboy panel at NYCC, Mignola spoke about what the audience can expect from the reboot. It seems like it won’t have a traditional origin story and would be different from the previous movies.

The producers have been working like dogs for years to try to get another Hellboy movie going and when they came to me saying, ‘Now we know what we want to do’ they had picked this story,” said Mignola.

While its still unknown which comic book the new Hellboy movie is based on, Mignola did say that he was surprised by the story that was chosen. Mainly due to the nature of how the new reboot movie would begin.

Quite frankly it caught me by surprise because it is really in the middle of the whole Hellboy story. But it took me a while to realize that it was a great place to start to give it a different tone than the previous films and we avoid retelling the story that’s already been told.”

Mignola also assured that the team worked a lot to make sure that the story felt natural and also seems to hint that Hellboy’s origin could be explained as flashback scenes in the movie.

So we jump in, in the middle but we worked on quite a lot so it felt natural and we could also include his origin but it starts at a different place which gives it, its own tone,” explained Mignola.

When Mignola was asked what fans could expect from the movie. The creator had just the right words to tease fans.

A great festival of monsters,” said Mignola. “A darker Hellboy film than they’ve seen before but in a lot of ways much closer to my material.”

Mignola also seems to have had the chance to check out a scene from the movie itself. And is quite thrilled that it looked like it was taken right outta the comics.

There’s at least one scene, probably more than one scene. But one scene I saw where I went, Holy shit, that’s the comic. And I could never really say that about the other films. There’s stuff in this film that walked right outta the comics so that’s pretty exciting for me,” said Mignola. You can check out the interview below.

Hellboy will hit theaters on April 12, 2019.




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