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Hellboy Trailer Reactions Suggest New Red Band Footage Has Won Over Fans

Hellboy still

Hellboy Trailer Reactions Suggest New Red Band Footage Has Won Over Fans

The upcoming Hellboy movie has had its ups and downs since its big reveal at last year’s NYCC. Its first teaser received a mixed response as fans started to lose hope on the reboot. But fortunately, the studio was able to turn that around with its new red band trailer.

The new trailer is filled with intense gore, action, violence and a touch of humor from Hellboy himself. But some fans of Del Toro’s version of Hellboy are still waiting to see if the reboot is darker and grittier than the earlier films.

The new red band trailer also offers the first look at Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio transforming into a jaguar-like beast after being punched by Hellboy. For those unaware, Daimio transformation requires extreme stress and the punch seems to be the trigger. You can check out the trailer and fans’ reaction below.

Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan is shown almost throughout the trailer. In the comics, the character is a love interest to Hellboy but the actress confirmed in an earlier interview that Monaghan’s relationship won’t be romantic in the film.

I love that she is not the love interest in this film. She is just her own person and she is strong and also between her and Hellboy they kinda give each other something that says ‘You’re not alone and we can do this’,” said Lane.  “I feel like it’s something my sisters can watch and I feel proud that my sister is watching a character like Alice.”

At last year’s NYCC, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola teased the movie as a “great festival of monsters” and also stated that it would be  “A darker Hellboy film than they’ve seen before but in a lot of ways much closer to my material.” And the new trailer does look promising to Mignola’s words.

Hellboy hits theaters on April 12, 2019.




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