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Henry Cavill’s Superman reportedly remains alive in DCEU’s alternate Snyderverse timeline

Henry Cavill’s Superman reportedly remains alive in DCEU’s alternate Snyderverse timeline

Will Henry Cavill’s Superman be erased or continue to exist in the DCEU? That question continues to puzzle DC fans as Warner Bros.’s The Flash movie is put in the spotlight again. The recent release date delay seems to have made way for more insiders to get info crumbs from the multiverse DC film.

So far, several signs sadly indicate the Man of Steel may be axed from the original timeline, though, with an option to return in an Elseworld film or universe. A new report from Screen Geek revealed Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will replace Cavill’s Man of Steel. The character’s storyline is retconned in the new reboot timeline after Zod kills Superman as a baby. It means Calle’s Supergirl portraying Kara Danvers iteration will be the last survivor of Krypton in DCEU. However, all hope is not lost especially when the multiverse is involved.

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Earlier this month, the Snyderverse moment had a sign of relief when Scooper Grace Randolph claimed Ben Affleck’s Batman does not die in The Flash, though note that the info came from a test screening. Added, another screening was claimed to have taken place earlier this Monday as well. Since then, new info from insiders suggests The Flash movie puts the Snyderverse to the side for Warner Bros. to access it in the future, if they choose to do so.

It seems the new DCEU timeline will co-exist alongside the past timeline events, allowing Cavill’s Superman to exist – even if future titles such as Batgirl refer to Supergirl as the Last Krypton. Furthermore, Affleck’s Dark Knight could receive the same treatment since rumors indicate the character continues to remain alive after The Flash movie.

Warner Bros. plan as claimed by reputed insider KC Walsh is to include Snyder’s original Justice League ensemble by developing a Crisis on Infinite Earths-inspired DCEU event movie. However, it’s more likely to be a reunion flick rather than a separate universe to flesh out with more Elseworld titles. While leaving room for Superman’s return sounds exciting – it still remains to be seen if Cavill and Warner Bros. could renegotiate a deal in the near future. The Witcher actor has openly addressed his interest to reprise the role. But even so, it could potentially mean his return to the big screen wouldn’t be anytime soon (2024 or later).

More or less, a hard universe reset is here to stay with Supergirl and Batgirl taking the forefront in DCEU’s trinity. But it wouldn’t be without the blessings of the original trinity.




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