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Hollywood & cinephiles react to Writers strike outside Netflix, Warner Bros. & other studios, Yellowjackets season 3 & SNL delayed, DC Studios writer, MCU actors join strike & more updates from WGA strike

Hollywood & cinephiles react to Writers strike outside Netflix, Warner Bros. & other studios, Yellowjackets season 3 & SNL delayed, DC Studios writer, MCU actors join strike & more updates from WGA strike

From DC Studios writer Tom King to Cobra Kai‘s Jon Hurwitz – the writers strike which began on Tuesday has halted ongoing work on upcoming TV shows and movies as confirmed by the aforementioned artists. Moreover, in solidarity with the WGA strike – several high-profile Hollywood personalities & cinephiles have thrown in their support too. The walkout comes over the failure to come to an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) over writers’ compensation on residuals and their job being treated like a gig economy-type workforce.

A week ago, Studios were celebrating their box office boom while exhibiting their theatrical release titles at CinemaCon. Though that celebration might have been short-lived as several of those upcoming feature projects and series could go on the back burner or face delays due to the WGA strike.

The members of the Writers Guild of America have been picketing in New York City and Los Angeles outside the offices of Netflix, Warner Bros, Paramount Studios, Sony, Amazon, Apple and Disney. Video clips of writers in picketing line have begun surfacing on Twitter with the likes of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Brett Goldstein who also played as MCU’s Hercules, AGENTS of SHIELD actor Clark Gregg, The Bear star Ayo Edebiri and many more from Hollywood joining the protestors.

Meanwhile, Cinephiles may have to brace themselves for delays on upcoming shows the Yellowjackets co-creator has already confirmed season 3 will be delayed due to the writers strike. I think we have a list of demands that are all pretty reasonable and it feels like the other side is not negotiating in a good faith way,” Yellowjackets’ Bart Nickerson.

The show’s writer Ashley Lyle also offered an update that the season 3 writers’ room has stopped working after just one day and hopes to continue as soon as the WGA is offered a fair deal.

Neil Gaiman shows support for Writers strike to say he might now be able to promote Good Omens 2

With over 11,000 artists on strike, several TV shows and feature writers were seen holding signs like “AMPTP better have my money” and even a no-entry sign on AI (since AMPTP did not budge into the WGA committee’s demand to regulate using AI). Readers can check it out below.

Sandman creator Neil Gaiman showed support to the Writers Guild of America, going as far as revealing he may not be able to promote Good Omens season 2 which he said would be out this summer. In regards to Sandman season 2, Gaiman said “I don’t know” when asked if could impact the follow-up season. Other shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things season 5 are also expected to be impacted if the writers strike continues for a long period. It’s unclear if the DC Studios project could face setbacks too since Tom King, who is part of the writers’ room announced he has stopped working on “some dream (secret) Hollywood projects.” which are likely for DCU.

Speaking of Netflix, Cobra Kai season 6 writers have already put their pencils down. “No writers on set,” tweeted Jon Hurwitz and offered his support to the negotiating committee.

There have also been wholesome interactions at the picketing locations. Jay Leno was spotted at the WGA strike at Disney bringing donuts to the protestors as they cheered him on for his support. Others like SNL producer Steve Higgins seen with on the picket line on 5th Avenue.

The last time WGA went on a strike was in 2007 and it severely impacted movies such as Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Quantum of Solace and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to name a few.

Abbott Elementary season 3 is also on hold with its lead star Quinta Brunson, who is also a WGA member – said, “I’m also on strike” and has assured to join the picket line after arriving in LA. But shows like House of the Dragon season 2 seem to be safe amid the protest since the script work are complete.

The impact of the WGA strike is expected to be more severe if the protest continues. Though creators behind Hollywood’s most-watched biz shows have already contributed to the strike with SNL being delayed indefinitely. In addition, Late Night shows by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers have shut down production as well.

The Late Night shows are expected to air reruns from tonight though it’s unclear how long the industry could thrive without its writers. This is just Day 1 of the protest so stay tuned for more updates on the WGA protest.




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