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Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984

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Hollywood’s Tenet & Wonder Woman 1984 could help revive cinema halls in India & but its not enough

Hollywood’s Tenet & Wonder Woman 1984 could help revive cinema halls in India & but its not enough

In several parts of India like Mumbai, Cinema halls have finally reopened after the eight long months of lockdown. Although the country’s own biz world (Bollywood) is still hesitant of releasing blockbuster titles for the big screen, Upcoming Hollywood movies like Warner Bros. Tenet & Wonder Woman 1984 could help in being a stepping stone to revive the pandemic hit-industry. But unfortunately, that may also not be enough.

Theaters in India are gearing up for the release of Tenet on December 4. It will be the first blockbuster title to hit cinemas since the pandemic. And although the Christopher Nolan-directed movie is expected to garner moviegoers’ attention, analysts and exhibitors in India still feel it won’t be enough to revive the industry. In a new report, Several voiced their opinion that movies like Tenet, which are usually a mind mending action sequence flick like Inception – fail to attract a bigger audience in single-screen cinema halls.

Tenet & Wonder Woman 1984 first new entries to hit Indian cinemas

“Christopher Nolan’s movies are cerebral in nature. While they often involve action and science fiction, it is not the kind of action that’s popular in single screens. As a result, his films get almost all their business or around 85 percent from multiplexes, with the top six metros contributing to a big share of that,” said Shailesh Kapoor, CEO, Ormax Media, a media consulting firm.

He went on to add that Nolan movies have traditionally “underperformed in single screens.” Even as a Tentpole film, Nolan’s Tenet won’t be able to pull in the big numbers like Avengers, The Mission Impossible or the Horror titles like The Conjuring series.

It must be noted that several single-screen theaters are still yet to open due to programming issues. Multiplexes that have been open since October have been keeping their screens open with reruns. But on the bright side, Warner Bros. isn’t letting go of the opportunity to help the big screen industry to get back on its feet for the coming new year.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, No Time to Die are looking at better theatrical releases for 2021?

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad/ Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad

The studio recently decided to release its upcoming DC Extended Universe title, Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max and select theaters on December 4, a move that came after several changes to its release schedule. The anticipated blockbuster is expected to arrive directly to the big screens in countries like India where Warner Bros. is still yet to launch HBO Max. And Indian exhibitors also have found a reason to rejoice over this news.

“Wonder Woman is a huge franchise and will work well in India. While big Bollywood producers are shying away from releasing their films in theatres fearing low footfalls, Hollywood studios are coming to the rescue of beleaguered cinema hall owners,” said trade analyst Komal Nahta (via: Mumbai Mirror). Moreover, the upcoming Hollywood titles will make way for Bollywood’s Sooryavanshi and Ranveer Singh-starrer 83 to kickstart the cinema industry.

Not all Hollywood studios have been bold enough to release their movies in theaters. The newest entry from the James Bond Franchise, No Time To Die has been scheduled to release in April 2021 in hopes of launching in a recovered industry. Several new recent releases landed on OTT and have made the streaming industry an emerging global giant. While studios put their bet on streaming platforms – it looks like drastic changes caused by the pandemic are here to stay even as the world recovers.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. and other Hollywood studios are currently busy promoting their upcoming blockbuster titles for 2021. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is one such anticipated superhero flick that DC fans are waiting for. And going by the early new looks – the movie will certainly be an audience puller that cinema exhibitors can look forward to.




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