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Rosemary's Baby prequel, Apartment 7A, Roman Polanski, Paramount Pictures

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Horror fans react to Rosemary’s Baby prequel Apartment 7A’s positive response from test-screening, Relic movie fans rejoice but also faces backlash: ‘Will Polanski get revenue’

Horror fans react to Rosemary’s Baby prequel Apartment 7A’s positive response from test-screening, Relic movie fans rejoice but also faces backlash: ‘Will Polanski get revenue’

Paramount Pictures’ secret horror project, Rosemary’s Baby prequel has reportedly tested well. Titled Apartment 7A, the development of the feature came to notice last year in June after wrapping up production in Oct 2022.

While Paramount Pictures unveiled its upcoming line-ups at CinemaCon this year, the studio has also been sitting on a head-turner horror project, the Rosemary’s Baby prequel which has been secretly in the works. An update from the film’s Twitter account @WorldofReel revealed the movie has tested well with one attendee claiming it was “very intense”.

Credible scooper ViewerAnon backed the claim to say, “I’ve also heard its good and there’s another test screening on Monday”. While the movie’s title is vague and the plot is under wraps – the cast details reveal its association with Rosemary’s Baby. Actor Kevin McNally plays Roman Castevet in Apartment 7A.

A few horror connoisseurs are delighted to see the classics making a comeback as one user noted, “The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist all returning this fall”. But some also compared it to The Thing remake/prequel suggesting sequels are known for being a letdown.

While there appears to be pushback over the attempt to capitalize on a cult classic, there is growing anticipation to see the Rosemary’s Baby prequel movie thanks to its choice of director, Natalie Erika James. The filmmaker directed 2020’s Relic, a critically acclaimed horror thriller with 92% Fresh certification on RT but has a rotten status in audience score.

Julia Garner fans also shared the same sentiment, especially after witnessing the actress’ performance in Ozark which earned her three Primetime Emmy awards. Garner apparently plays the woman that’s found dead outside Rosemary’s apartment.

It will be interesting to see Julia Garner in a psychological horror thriller though it won’t be her first bout since she also played a part in 2013’s The Last Exorcism Part II. Though the actress’ acting chops found the spotlight only after Ozark.

Many horror fans also stressed the need to exclude Roman Polanski from the prequel – the director of the 1968’s sinister feature. The veteran filmmaker’s celeb scandal from 1977 still hangs on him heavily. Roman Polanski had pled guilty to statutory rape of a minor but the case was never closed since Polanski fled the country.

Some are concerned that Roman would receive profits from the prequel due to his association with the original film as the director and screenplay writer. Readers can check out rest of the reactions below.

Considering the success of horror franchises like Insidious, Paramount could end up with its own Rosemary’s Baby universe. Since there seems to be more interest in a sequel focusing on what happened to the cloven-hoofed infant.

Apartment 7A was penned by director James with Christian White from a draft by Skylar James. Horror folks would also be delighted to know A Quiet Place director John Krasinski is attached as a producer through Sunday Night. Another prominent name is Michael Bay from Platinum Dunes.

Apartment 7A does not have a release date attached yet.




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