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House of the Dragon episode 3 fans react to Daemon Targaryen vs. Craghas crab feeder, Otto’s pitch for Aegon & Rhaenyra’s marriage, White Hart choosing the rightful heir & more

House of the Dragon episode 3 fans react to Daemon Targaryen vs. Craghas crab feeder, Otto’s pitch for Aegon & Rhaenyra’s marriage, White Hart choosing the rightful heir & more

House of the Dragon episode 3 begins with Daemon (Matt Smith) and Lord Corlys’ (Steve Toussaint) war for the Stepstones but over at King’s Landing, King Viserys (Paddy Considine) and all of the Seven Kingdoms have a reason to rejoice – Prince Aegon, a male descendant has been born for Queen Alicent and Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) hopes to see seated as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Though Rhaenyra remains as next in line, it’s clear the houses of Westeros see her as a means to an end. The abrupt fast-paced narrative may have caught viewers off-guard but for context, the third chapter takes place two years after episode 2. A time-jump that sets in motion a near impending power struggle. Here are the best moments from House of the Dragon episode 3, according to GOT fans.

The mysterious big-bad from episode 3’s preview, Craghas the Crab-feeder (Daniel Scott-Smith) that gave viewers main villain vibes in the first two episodes initially has the Velaryon forces and Daemon tipping on the losing side of the scales. The Triarchy, the alliance of the Free Cities manages to stave off  Caraxes’s fire thanks to Bloodstone’s cave. But unfortunately for Craghas, Daemon’s wrath intensifies after receiving a pity offer for help from his brother Viserys. The Myr forces are baited into an all-out land battle and Daemon ultimately kills Craghas, cutting him in half.

Before the climactic battle at Stepstones, King Viserys is suffocated with politicking ever since the birth of his first son, Aegon II while his heart also longs for his daughter’s happiness. Rhaenyra is spending her days listening to her favorite song on loop, dubbed by some HOTD fans as “Rhaenyra playing her Spotify on repeat”. It’s clear Alicent and Rhaenyra have drifted apart and as Queen, she one-ups the princess in command as well. Hesitantly, Rhaenyra departs for the royal hunt, a grand celebration for Aegon II’s second name day.

Unfortunately for the princess, the day turns into a reminder of her necessity to strengthen her stance after Lord Jason Lannister surprises her with a betrothal offer. Speaking of who, the Lannisters are shown as twins, played by Jefferson Hall with the above-mentioned serving as the Lord of Casterly Rock. It’s interesting to see the Lannisters gunning for a seat beside the Targaryen knowing their future position in Game of Thrones.

House of the Dragon episode 3’s White Hart scene assures Rhaenyra as the rightful heir

King Viserys’ dysfunctional family drama with his daughter breaks off when Otto informs about the White Hart, the stag is the king of the Kingswood and seen as a regal portent to Prince Aegon’s name day – giving another reason for Rhaenyra to storm off but Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) is quick to follow. Seeing the White Hart grace the princess is the surprising twist that only audiences were meant to experience.

An indication that the gods and Targaryen ancestors had chosen her as the rightful heir. Nevertheless, it’s not a Game of Thrones series without a few stomach-churning moments, like when Otto decided to council his King to marry Aegon II to Rhaenyra, Yes, the two-year-old brother betrothed to her sister. It appears Lord Lyonel Strong (Gavin Spokes) is the only unbiased advisor by the King’s side for now though that’s a statement that Fire & Blood book readers have cautioned against, as can be seen in reactions below.


The two standout moments of House of the Dragon episode 3 comes from Rhaenyra and her uncle, Daemon. There also seems to be a foreshadowing of a possible union between the two though it would only further complicate the crown’s stance against Daemon, especially after his single-handed assault against a horde of Myr warriors and emerging victorious without the King’s aid.

Amidst all the chaos, you can’t help but feel for Viserys drinking away his misery. Unfortunately, that could also signal an impending conflict due to the Seven Kingdom’s realpolitik. And let’s not forget Alicent’s struggles too, as a teen married off to the King, disdained by her once friend, and still caught up in her Father’s trap while being pregnant with another child.

House of the Dragon episode 4 will air on HBO in the US next Sunday.




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