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House of the Dragon episode 8

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House of the Dragon episode 8 fans react to Viserys defending Rhaenyra, Daemon killing Vaemond, Alicent misinterpreting King’s last words to choose Wrong Aegon & more

House of the Dragon episode 8 fans react to Viserys defending Rhaenyra, Daemon killing Vaemond, Alicent misinterpreting King’s last words to choose Wrong Aegon & more

House of the Dragon episode 8 assures Lucerys will ascend as the Lord of Driftmark but the highlight of this week’s segment, from watching Daemon (Matt Smith) deliver the death blow to Vaemond (Wil Johnson) to witnessing Viserys’ (Paddy Considine) last breath being the seed of conflict between Targaryen and Hightower, the HOTD fandom is flabbergasted by the surprising twists but more so, for Considine’s masterpiece of performance till the end. Here is a recap of the finest moments from chapter eight that’s got fans voicing their thoughts on social media.

The curtains are down for Considine’s run as Viserys in House of the Dragon and HOTD fans are showering praises for the star’s impressive performance in House of the Dragon episode 8. Viserys’ death comes with a silver lining as he utters his final words, “My love”, hinting at his reunion with his first wife Aemma in the afterlife. But his last sentences to the Queen will have everlasting consequences that rhyme with the word treason for the Hightowers.

It’s clear Rhaenyra’s (Emma D’Arcy) succession will be challenged to instead put Aegon on the Iron Throne, as Otto (Rhys Ifans) and Alicent (Olivia Cooke) desire. From the looks of it, the Greens appear to succeed in their plan, as hinted in the preview

For a few fleeting moments, House of the Dragon episode 8 unites Viserys’ kins together for a delightful dinner. But any hopes of peace and prosperity among them soon come crashing down by the very words of the King unfortunately being misinterpreted by Alicent. The King’s last words about The Song of Ice and Fire lead the Queen into assuming her son Aegon should inherit the Iron Throne, as per Viserys’ command.

House of the Dragon episode 8 teases Aemond’s showdown with Daemon

The dying words were clearly meant for Rhaenyra and possibly for her very own newborn son Aegon. Even so, it can be argued a civil war was inevitable, particularly between the nephews as Prince Aemond and Aegon’s dispute with Prince Jacaerys and Lucerys continues to be a friction point that could have easily turned into a red wedding-Esque showdown in episode 8’s dinner sequence. 

Sadly, Aemond, who seems capable of even slaying Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) in a sword fight currently outmatches both of Rhaenyra’s sons. However, it’s possible that Aemond will face Daemon instead when the big moment arises. But Aemond even seems to look up to Daemon as clearly portrayed in the young Prince’s delightful reaction to Vaemond’s death. Nonetheless, one of the biggest hurdles for Rhaenyra appears to be questions regarding the legitimacy of her sons born to Harwin Strong. Viserys’ timely arrival to defend his daughter was the highlight of House of the Dragon episode 8.

The King’s last walk up the Iron Throne was quite emotional to witness, especially when he’s aided by his brother Daemon. The scene subtly puts an end to their brotherly rivalry as well, as Daemon puts the crown on his brother. But the climatic moment when Daemon beheaded Vaemond deserves all the applause. Readers can check out reactions below.  


To put it plainly, it’s time House Targaryen learn the consequences of naming their descendants by any of the past King’s names, especially Aegon or risk a major civil war that could wipe out their clan from existence. But jest aside, it’s an interesting wordplay that has viewers wondering what could’ve been another generation of peace in Westeros failed to come to fruition because Queen Alicent couldn’t differentiate between her son Aegon and Rhaenyra’s newborn of the same name.

Corlys’ absence was deeply felt throughout House of the Dragon episode 8. But will he survive his battle wound from Stepstones? It remains to be seen though his wishes are in play as Rhaenys accepts Rhaenyra’s offer to betroth Laena’s daughters, Rhaena and Baela to Jacaerys and Lucerys.  

House of the Dragon episode 9 will stream on HBO next Sunday in the US and on Disney Plus Hotstar in India.




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