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HBO Max, House of the Dragon, Harley Quinn season 3


House of the Dragon to Harley Quinn season 3, what to watch on HBO Max in August 2022

House of the Dragon to Harley Quinn season 3, what to watch on HBO Max in August 2022

From revisiting the House Targaryen in House of the Dragon to indulging in Dr. Quinzel and Poison Ivy’s honeymoon trip in Harley Quinn season 3 – HBO Max is releasing a plethora of movies and TV titles this August. But while only a handful of the lineups are premiere, the below list comprises four new titles that cinephiles shouldn’t miss out on, and five classics worthy of paying a revisit.

Among the 100 titles to release on HBO Max starting August 1, not every feature, documentary and series fall under the notable blockbusters. Nonetheless, with over 28 A24 films added to the streaming catalog (including Brie Larson’s Oscar-winning performance in 2015’s Room) alongside 2000s movies like Charlie’s Angels, below are the line-ups PursueNews recommends streaming in the coming month. From the looks of it, though HBO was late to the streaming wars party, the network looks to bounce back to its Game of Thrones glory days with the release of House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Emma D’Arcy Rhaenyra Targaryen

Based on George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, the upcoming House of the Dragon series will center on the infamous civil war in Westeros, sparked by sibling rivalry between Aegon II and Rhaenyra. But in the series, it seems everyone from Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) to Rhaenyra is aiming for the Iron Throne which comes following the death of King Viserys I. Unlike Game of Thrones, this prequel will introduce over 17 dragons and some of them like Syrax were teased in the SDCC trailer.

Release date: August 21

Harley Quinn Season 3

The DC Universe’s power couple, Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Ivy (Lake Bell) are back in Gotham and better, reunited with their motley crew, Clayface, King Shark and Frank the plant. Harley Quinn season 3 promises more violence, sex and its much-loved humor as Harlivy work on their goals, including their to scratch off Ivy’s bucket list – transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise.

Selena + Chef season 4

Selena Gomez will be back in the kitchen this August for Selena + Chef season 4 expected to premiere on August 20. Season 3 saw guest appearances from renowned chefs such as Sophie Roe and Jamie Oliver. Back in August 2021, Gomez even invited Britney Spears to cook with her on the show, could we expect a possible cameo from the Pop Icon? We’ll find out when season 4 arrives later this month.

The Princess

The Princess is a documentary exploring the life and death of Princess Diana using archival footage to tell the tragic narrative. The docu uncovers the ongoing scandals within the British royalty and asks the question of whether anything really changed since Diana’s death. The original docu-series streams on August 13.

Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones- Emillia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

Watching Milly Alcock and Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra would’ve surely gotten many GOT fans reminiscing over Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) legacy as the queen mother of dragons. Well, viewers can stream the entire eight seasons on 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. However, an exact date has not been revealed yet. So stay tuned in August. Also, the 4K edition will only be available on the ad-free tier costing $14.99 per month.

A24’s Ex-Machina, Under the Skin, etc

Since 28 films from A24 are finding a home on HBO Max, Ex-Machina and Under the Skin fall at the top of our list to review/watch on the first day of the coming month.  While the Scarlett Johansson starrer sci-fi explores an uncanny extraterrestrial storyline that breaks down the human constructs, The Alex Garland-helmed psychological thriller, Ex-Machina takes audiences deeper down the artificial intelligence rabbit hole.

The Notebook

Just hearing the line, “If I’m a bird, you’re a bird” will strike a chord for any The Notebook fans. In the 2004 romance drama featuring The Gray Man star Ryan Gosling as Noah and Multiverse of Madness actor Rachel McAdams as Allie, even the unaware normie would remember the iconic romantic entanglement kiss in the pouring rain. It’s never too late to stream Nicholas Spark’s novel adaptation and for the veterans, perhaps it’s time to pull out the issues and re-watch the classic on August 1.

Source Code

A mind-bending sci-fi flick much on the levels of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter, a helicopter pilot tasked with a top-secret military operation that requires him to learn the identity of a bomber and prevent a similar catastrophe. But he soon learns the first incident could be preventable if he has the time. Release Date: August 1.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

it’s starting to look like 2000s young adult series adaptations are getting a second chance, especially with this week’s report on Eragon series reboot development at Disney Plus. The Spiderwick Chronicles reboot announced last year will take a while to come to fruition so until then, paying a visit to the 2008’s film featuring Freddie Highmore as Jared and Simon Grace, Sarah Bolger as Mallory Grace and Seth Rogen’s Hogsqueal couldn’t come at a better time. The children’s fantasy adventure arrives on August 1.

What did you think of some of the movies and TV shows arriving to HBO Max in August? Let us know in the comments or hit up @RAKarthikPrasad on Twitter to discuss all things streaming.




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