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‘I work on it everyday’ – Zack Snyder confirms Netflix’s Twilight of the Gods is still in the works, details

‘I work on it everyday’ – Zack Snyder confirms Netflix’s Twilight of the Gods is still in the works, details

Fret not Zack Snyder fans, The making of Rebel Moon has not sidelined Netflix’s Twilight of the Gods. The animated series based on Norse mythology was originally set to stream in 2022 but since missing its release window, it’s unclear when the streamer plans to include the show in their calendar. However, the ZSJL filmmaker has assured he has been working on the Netflix original “every day”.

Since Zack Snyder released a cryptic video featuring Darkseid – the DCEU fans have been keenly looking forward to his updates. The Rebel Moon helmer is hosting an event called Full Circle also known as SnyderCon on April 28-30, 2023. Earlier on Sunday, Snyder participated in a live stream with The Nerd Queens with AFSP representatives present for the conversation to discuss Full Circle.

During the live show, Zack Snyder was questioned regarding the progress of his ongoing Netflix projects including Rebel Moon, the Army of the Dead shared universe and Twilight of the Gods. While the Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas animated show seems to be lagging behind due to Rebel Moon – the Batman v Superman director offered a hopeful update for the Norse-based animated series.

“Twilight of the Gods on the other hand has been forging ahead incredibly well,” said Snyder gushingly. “I’m really excited about it, I work on it every day and that’s coming.” While it’s still unclear when the project might arrive, it’s safe to say Snyder is working on it side by side with Rebel Moon.

Twilight of the Gods was officially announced on Netflix’s Geeked Week 2021 event. DCEU fans were especially delighted to know concept artist and Trese helmer Jay Oliva would be directing the Norse series while Zack Snyder is writing and an executive producer for the animated series.

Twilight of the Gods features a star-studded cast namely Lauren Cohan as Inge, Jessica Henwick as Sandraudiga, Corey Stoll as Hrafnkel, Rahul Kohli as Egill and Kristofer Hivju as Andvari to name a few. The series is expected to explore the Norse’s Ragnarök event which causes the destruction of Midgard and Asgard in a battle that also leads to the deaths of the Aesir & Vanir gods.

Netflix is yet to release a concept art or an official poster/first look for the animated show.




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