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‘If Jonathan Majors is innocent’: Supporters react to Kang actor’s latest defense evidence & Attorney’s statement, here’s how Loki season 2 could be impacted

‘If Jonathan Majors is innocent’: Supporters react to Kang actor’s latest defense evidence & Attorney’s statement, here’s how Loki season 2 could be impacted

The recent turn of events concerning Loki season 2’s Kang actor Jonathan Majors has his supporters arguing the Creed III star may be owed an apology if the claims and evidence from his criminal lawyer Priya Chaudhry pan out in their favor on the trial day. The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star was arrested on assault charges on March 25, and the scandal developed in April – when multiple women alleging abuse by the Marvel star were reported to be cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

With a trial date set for August 3, Jonathan Majors’ assault case is all set to play out in front of a jury, the same month when Marvel Studios may have to begin marketing Disney’s Loki season 2 for its Oct release, as The Direct states. Though so far, MCU projects featuring Majors appearances have been delayed like the Assembled special for Ant-Man 3.

Rumors also indicate Disney’s changes to its release calendar for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and the decision to back out of SDCC could be related to Majors’ ongoing misdemeanor case. But Majors’ supporters are choosing to see the silver lining in the ongoing abuse scandal since Insider shared details from the defense evidence collected by Lawyer Chaudhry.

Jonathan’s lawyer has presented multiple video surveillance which they claim are, “proof that this is a complete lie.” The claims by Ms. Jabbari, Majors’ then girlfriend who was allegedly assaulted by strangulation, left with a broken finger and laceration on her ear are being countered by Priya Chaudhry as a racist arrest by the NYPD.

The third parties involved during the incident such as the driver that drove Majors and Jabbari are ready to testify, as well as the bartender who saw Jabbari at the pub after their incident at the car. The insider also states the video cam footage from the nightclub where Jabbari was partying after the altercation shows her with “no signs of having an injury to her right hand”.

Going by social media reactions, many of Jonathan Majors’s fans are furious over the actor’s character assassination before evidence from his side rolled out. As one user going by @droppedballspod wrote on Twitter, “Y’all got on here and slandered Jonathan Majors before any details came out”.

The latest development has some also questioning “If Jonathan Majors wins his court case. Does that women go to jail for lying?” while others are hoping the Kang actor gets a public apology. Though readers are advised to wait until the verdict of the trial. Nevertheless, Marvel Studios’ marketing team may choose to avoid promoting Kang – Loki season 2 may not have to deal with a PR nightmare during its October release if the case sides in Majors’ favor.

Loki season 2 is scheduled to release on October 6 on Disney Plus.




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