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‘If we get a Terrifics movie’ – DCU fans react to James Gunn’s cryptic DCU ensemble cover teasing Plastic Man, Metamorpho & more

‘If we get a Terrifics movie’ – DCU fans react to James Gunn’s cryptic DCU ensemble cover teasing Plastic Man, Metamorpho & more

Forget about the Justice League but James Gunn may have his eyes set on a Terrifics live-action for DCU. The DC Studios co-CEO’s latest cryptic hint has fans excited over the possibility of a Mr. Terrific-led ensemble featuring Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Phantom Girl.

It’s starting to look like Gunn’s DC could introduce a Fantastic Four-Esque ensemble for Chapter 1’s Gods and Monster – or at least that’s what the fandom is hoping for since the DCU architect posted The Terrifics issue #25 cover photo. The image also shows Justice League characters from the likes of The Flash to Green Arrow alongside villains like the Joker.

The Gunnverse remains in the spotlight with fans hoping to hear more casting updates on the A-list character titles like Superman: Legacy. While the director has been busy working side by side for Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and for WB’s DCU – the filmmaker has also remained active on social media to debunk rumors whilst also dropping hints about what the future holds like a potentially Terrifics movie.

Gunn has hinted at a Mr. Terrific project since he took on the job and began mapping out the 10-year DCU roadmap. But a possible Terrifics movie being greenlit for development has both critics and fans enthusiastic. If true, some DCU fans are hoping James Gunn could develop the project to be released before MCU’s Fantastic Four.

DCU fans want Terrifics live-action to be developed before MCU’s Fantastic Four

For those unaware, The Terrifics has been considered to be DC’s version of Fantastic Four. The DC Comics ensemble has its version of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Thing in Mister Terrific, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man – each of their powers sharing similarities with the Marvel counterpart. Furthermore, other heroes like Blue Beetle have also made appearances with the Terrifics.

It seems like DCU could entertain different superhero factions from the likes of Justice Society to the Justice League and The Authority. Shazam! Fury of the Gods post-credits scene even hints at the existence of multiple ensembles in the cinematic universe. The Suicide Squad director has long indicated his plans to explore obscure DC characters like Deadman and Lobo whilst keeping the focus on the trinity – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Gunn’s Superman: Legacy alongside Brave and the Bold and Paradise Lost has assured Chapter 1 will first unleash the franchise’ most-known superheroes. But it also could serve as a platform to introduce the lesser-known characters before launching them with their standalone projects.

So far, Gunn has only addressed 10 projects from DCU’s Gods and Monsters. There are hopes to see the DC Studios heads address their slate at April’s CinemaCon. Even so, the movies and TV shows announced in February are yet to sign on creatives and cast members. Nonetheless, plans seem to be in motion with even rumors of DC Studios writers’ room Drew Goddard in talks to helm a DC film.




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