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‘In disbelief’: Deadpool & Wolverine gets praise in positive first reactions from Berlin fan screening

‘In disbelief’: Deadpool & Wolverine gets praise in positive first reactions from Berlin fan screening

MCU fans are in disbelief after witnessing Deadpool & Wolverine or at least the first half of the threequel. The Initial reaction to Shawn Levy‘s Marvel film starring Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds has begun rolling out due to the ongoing fan screenings following its upcoming premiere. And while they offer no spoilers related to the Merc with a mouth & Logan’s multiverse journey in the Void after their pruning, the non-spoiler word around the street, as fans put it, praises the upcoming entry.

Deadpool 3’s Berlin fan event saw Jackman, Gosling, Emma Corrin and director Levy in attendance. The director announced to the crowd outside the fan premiere event, “We wish we could show you the whole movie today but Marvel won’t let us do that” said Levy, further discussing the 34-minute sneak peek footage the audiences would experience at the event.

One of the Deadpool & Wolverine fan event attendees claims the screening was a 37-minute experience. Although he offers no specific criticism of the movie, the fan praised the director in a post on X. He added that the rest of the audience applauded after the screening stating they were “satisfied”. Furthermore, several more have made cryptic posts hinting the third installment delivers what it promises in the trailers.

As the press tour for Deadpool 3 continues, the creators behind the anticipated buddy cop flick have also given away exciting information on what’s in store. Kevin Feige recently teased the crossover threequel would kick off the X-Men era in MCU.

While Marvel fans are thrilled by the numerous cameos teased so far, the big question remains if Deadpool & Wolverine would be an entertaining ensemble movie like The Avengers or turn out to be lackluster like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Fortunately, going by the reactions below the outcome seems positive.

It feels like deja vu as fans continue to theorize if Deadpool 3 would introduce Ladypool similar to the speculations that ran during Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s release concerning the anticipated Spider-Man trio reveal. So far, Deadpool & Wolverine has unveiled cameos like Sabretooth & Pyro with other characters like Elektra all but confirmed.

Deadpool & Wolverine will grace theaters on July 26.

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