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Incredibles 2 Trailer Shows Parr Family’s New Home & Its Security Features From ADT

Still from Incredibles 2 trailer/ Disney-Pixar

Incredibles 2 Trailer Shows Parr Family’s New Home & Its Security Features From ADT

As Incredibles 2 is inching closer to its June release date, Disney Pixar has started marketing and promoting the film heavily. The filmmakers have teamed up with security company ADT to roll out an all-new animated ad that not only promotes Incredibles 2 but also the company’s home security systems.

In the newly released animated promo, superhero costume designer, Edna Mode, can be seen showing Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible and Helen Parr / Elastigirl their new home and explaining them about the latest security and automation features installment in their home including water sensor, motion sensor as well as intrusion, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection sensors.

Your new home has all the latest security and automation features,” Edna tells the Parr couple of their new pad.

The fashion designer also gives a live demonstration of the motion sensor showing the super-fast pre-teen Dash. She explains that the intrusion detection sensor will let them know if anybody is sneaking into their home including the Parr couple’s half-invisible teen daughter Violet.

Edna also mentions about the carbon monoxide detection system as she watches baby Jack-Jack bursting into flames. In the end, Edna says that even superheroes need a good home security system.  You can check out the animated teaser video below.

Another recently released teaser clip showed Samuel L. Jackson aka Frozone getting confused over Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2 as he hilariously quotes The Avengers in an Incredibles 2 promo. In the teaser video, he quotes the iconic dialogue from The Avengers movie that was said by the actor’s Nick Fury character.

Talking more about Incredibles 2, the film’s story will follow the original 2004 film. It will show Helen taking up her superhero job to save the world with Bob staying at home to take care of the three kids Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack.

The Incredibles 2 has been written and directed by Brad Bird. The film will fly into theatres on June 15. The tickets for The Incredibles 2 are already up for sale.

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