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India CCI’s Bengaluru Comic-Con 2022 – Warner Bros. Experience zones for DC Film & Shazam 2 & more steal the spotlight

India CCI’s Bengaluru Comic-Con 2022 – Warner Bros. Experience zones for DC Film & Shazam 2 & more steal the spotlight

Warner Bros. experience zone for DC Film and Shazam 2 at Bengaluru Comic-Con 2022 was the show-stopper of this 10-anniversary event organized by Comic-Con India. In addition, the cosplayers stunned the attendees by donning comic book movie costumes ranging from an accurate smokey-eye depiction of Robert Pattinson’s Batman to Joker and more, here’s a brief recap of the moments that stood out on Day 1 of Bengaluru Comic-Con, India.  

After a two-year hiatus, Comic-Con India organized their largest pop-culture celebration event in the city of Bengaluru. As expected, The 9th edition of Bengaluru Comic-Con attracted a massive crowd, mostly filled with pop culture enthusiasts. Day 1 kicked off with a sold-out venue as attendees interacted with the experience zones set up by Warner Bros. Pictures for Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Universal Pictures for Puss in Boots & more arenas set up for fans from all fronts.

WB indeed held the spotlight at Bengaluru Comic-Con. It can be argued that Marvel Studios’ absence at the event turned all eyes to the DC Universe. Unfortunately, Marvel were unable to set up their experience zone for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Disney’s Avatar 2 due to logistical issues. Nonetheless, the DCU zone that featured the Justice League team, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, turned out to be the most crowd-puller. This is the first time Cavill’s Man of Steel was showcased as DC’s main Superman since WBD revealed a Man of Steel 2 was in development.  

Bengaluru Comic-Con attendees were able to be a part of the experience thanks to the 360-degree camera rig that was set up inside the hall of DC’s heroes that housed the life-sized models of DCU characters. The surprising addition among them was Dwayne Johnson‘s life-size statue of Black Adam. WB also had Zachary Levi’s Shazam model suited up at the experience zone. Readers can check it out below. 

It should be noted that the cosplayers were and still are a big part of Bengaluru Comic-Con’s attraction. From MCU’s Moon Knight to Iron Man and more – cosplays inspired by several Pop Culture moments made Day 1 a lively festival.

India Comic-Con’s association with Crunchy Roll also put Anime and Manga in the spotlight. In fact, A Naruto poster was handed out to all attendees as part of the merch & goodies given with the entry pass. All in all, the talented cosplayers, guests and enthusiastic attendees assured Day 1 was a massive success with Day 2 expected to follow in its footsteps. 

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