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Indiana Dentist’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Spoof Billboard Ad Goes Viral

Still of Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2/ Marvel Studios

Indiana Dentist’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Spoof Billboard Ad Goes Viral

An Indiana based dentist named Jill Snyder has her own unique way of promoting her dental practice.  Some pictures of her incredible Guardians of the Galaxy inspired billboard advertisement have gone viral on social media.

The billboard ad features Snyder dressed as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, which has for this parody’s purposes been renamed Guardians of the Gums, along with a tooth shouting “I am Tooth!

While Snyder has been making similar ArDente Dental movie and TV-themed billboards for years, it only got social media attention earlier this week when someone posted a picture of the Guardians of the Galaxy spoof. In the past, the dentist and her team have made billboards featuring spins on Justice League, Trolls, Titanic, CSI, Minions, Men in Black, The Walking Dead and Wonder Woman.

All of our advertising is based on movies or TV shows and we always try to have some kind of play on words or link it in some way,” Snyder told SYFY WIRE. “We’ve done Star Wars too — we did Gum Wars and Return of the Floss.”

People try to create some fun ideas for me, but usually it comes mostly from my staff,” the Indiana dentist said. “We’ve had some that patients have suggested. One of the Minions ones, somebody suggested, so we had a little shout out to them on the bottom of the billboard.”

Snyder revealed that she tapped in a local company called Mulberry Telecommunications for the new Guardians ad, which sees her donning the Star-Lord suit ready to fight big cavity bugs.

“I wanted to jump in like they did, but instead of having swords, I wanted to have my toothbrush,” the dentist said, laughing. “Probably the hardest scene in the whole thing was when we tried to squirt toothpaste at it. That didn’t work really well. We were squirting toothpaste all over the floor, trying to figure out ways to get it to squirt out.”

Jill Snyder and her team’s next ad campaign will a spoof of the horror film, IT.

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