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‘Inside Man 2’: 2006’s Blockbuster Heist Movie Follow Up Project In Production With New Cast, Details

‘Inside Man 2’: 2006’s Blockbuster Heist Movie Follow Up Project In Production With New Cast, Details

For a long time, moviegoers and the media were keen on finding out if Director Spike Lee would once again team up with Denzel Washington to make a sequel to the 2006’s blockbuster heist movie, Inside Man. Unfortunately, it looks like Inside Man 2 will never come to fruition, at least the way fans expected it to.

Pursue News first spotted a listing on Production Weekly which surprisingly unveiled that a sequel to the heist movie is already filming with a fairly new actor being on board the project.

In direction by M.J. Bassett, Inside Man 2 began production in Cape Town, South Africa on October 18. Actor Akshay Kumar is the only cast name mentioned in the listings. Filming is expected to go on till November 16.

Bassett is known for directing Silent Hill: Revelation. Her Recent works are mostly in television. She also directed an episode for Iron Fist Season 2.

The actor has played small roles in TV shows such as Homeland (Rahim) and The Indian Detective (Aarav Pitale). He recently shared a photo on Instagram confirming that he has already begun filming for the project. The director’s Instagram post also confirms that the project is filming in Cape Town. You can check out the images below.

While Spike Lee is not helming the project, he still seems to be part of it as a producer according to the listings report. Furthermore, the sequel is written by Brian Brightly. So, it seems like Terry George’s script for Inside Man 2 has really been shelved.

Fans would be disappointed by the news since many expected Denzel’s return and his reunion with Lee to direct a sequel. But it seems the studio had no intention for it since the Inside Man director also said in an earlier interview with Variety, “Talk to Universal Studios!” when asked about the project.

You can read the synopsis for Inside Man 2 below.

A scrappy NYPD hostage negotiator (Remy) and a buttoned up federal agent (Brynn), join forces on the day the New York Federal Reserve Bank– home to millions of dollars of Nazi gold bars–is robbed by a highly organized, cleverly orchestrated team of robbers. With 41 tourists held hostage during a six hour siege, both Brynn and Remy agree that saving the hostages is their first priority, but beyond that, their m.o.’s are frequently at odds.”




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