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Internet Goes Crazy Over Brie Larson’s First Look In Captain Marvel Suit

Captain Marvel Comic Cover

Internet Goes Crazy Over Brie Larson’s First Look In Captain Marvel Suit

Since Captain Marvel project began production earlier than expected, it was only going to be a while before fans got to see Brie Larson don the character wearing her superhero suit. But surprisingly, that hit the internet earlier today as well.

Page Six got their hands on some set photos which revealed the actress suited up as Captain Marvel. But the costume wasn’t exactly what fans expected.

Larson was wearing a green, silver and grey costume, different from the suit that many fans would be fond of from the comics. The photos initially received a mixed reaction but soon gained momentum on the internet.

Some fans were quick to judge Marvel and began sharing disconcert over the suit quickly on social media. Readers can check out some of their reaction tweets below.

Fortunately, other longtime Marvel fans were quick to realize that it wasn’t a blunder. But in fact, the suit would likely be the first costume inspired by the one worn Mar-Vell, a Kree warrior and the person who gave Captain Marvel her abilities.

The green, silver and grey costume could be a version of a suit that gets replaced later in the movie with the red, yellow and blue costume. It was also earlier hinted in the concept art. But it looks like the color isn’t the only issue since the suit also has some similarities to the costume worn by Ant-man in the original movie.

It is safe to say that the costume is comic accurate. Furthermore, some of the fans perceptions towards the costume could change once the studio releases an official production still with better lightning and fitting.

Some recent fan arts have edited the original green, silver and grey with the red, yellow and blue. A version released by BossLogic would certainly appeal to many of the Marvel fans. Check out all the tweets below.

Captain Marvel is currently filming in California. Earlier last week, other photos of the actress preparing for her role as Carol Danvers surfaced on Instagram. The film is set to release on March 6th, 2019.




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