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Internet praises Brendan Fraser’s acting in The Whale, receives six-minute standing ovation at Venice Film

Internet praises Brendan Fraser’s acting in The Whale, receives six-minute standing ovation at Venice Film

90s action hero Brendan Fraser’s comeback performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale movie already has critics blowing the Oscar buzz trumpet.  The A24 film recently bagged the TIFF tribute award and at the Venice Film Festival screening – the 53-year-old star was welcomed with a six-minute standing ovation for his acting. After seeing the actor’s teary-eyed response to the cheers, the internet is showering more praise.

The Whale from Requiem for a Dream helmer is based on a play by Samuel D. Hunter, first performed in 2012. Aronofsky worked on the project amid pandemic times and even in the face of the odds, the movie came to fruition after a one-month filming schedule in one setting. The film is a story about an English teacher, Charlie suffering from compulsive overeating disorder. Also, starring is Stranger Things actor Sadie Sink playing his alienated daughter, Ellie along with Hong Chau, Samantha Morton and Ty Simpkins. The movie centers on exploring sensitive elements like past trauma, parental relationship, suicide, etc.

A video of Fraser sobbing during his standing ovation for The Whale has gone viral on social media. The applause is initially directed at Aronofsky but the director throws the spotlight on Fraser with audiences cheering louder. Readers can check it out below.

Fraser made his mark in Hollywood initially playing muscle-headed hero roles like 1997’s George of the Jungle. But his appearance in The Mummy franchise cemented his fame in the 90s. However, the actor quit showbiz, recently stating he was blacklisted by the industry. Fast-forward to the present, Brendan’s acting career made news after his casting to voice Cliff Steele/Robotman in Doom Patrol and Titans. In addition, his recent role as Firefly in the canceled Batgirl movie catapulted his online presence.

Fraser’s role in The Whale has many creatives from Hollywood applauding his work ethic and acting skills. Moreover, many are in support of his Oscar push. The star plays a morbid fat person weighing 600 pound and had to wear a prosthetic suit to bring the character to life. Some have already critiqued the feature as fatphobic, as described by many in reactions below but the masses are largely praising Brendan’s role as Charlie.

Fraser recently spoke to THR about his experience wearing the “vertigo” inducing fat suit. It also made him appreciate people dealing with morbid obesity.

“I think it’s poetic that the trauma he carries is manifest in the physical weight of his body,” Fraser said. “I needed to learn to absolutely move in a new way. I developed muscles I did not know that I had. I even felt a sense of vertigo, when at the end of the day all the appliances were removed, just as you would feel stepping off the boat onto the dock here in Venice — that undulating feeling.”

The 53-year-old star further added, “And I say this because he gave me an appreciation for those whose bodies are similar because I learned that you need to be an incredibly strong person physically and mentally to inhabit that physical being. And I think that is Charlie, also.”

The Whale does not have a theatrical release secured yet.




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