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Ironheart: Riri Williams’ final suit is comic accurate with nods to MCU’s Iron Man armor

Ironheart: Riri Williams’ final suit is comic accurate with nods to MCU’s Iron Man armor

Riri Williams’ final suit in Ironheart has opted for a comic-accurate design while also taking some notes from Mark VII Iron Man Armor worn by Tony Stark in Avengers (2012). Thanks to custom merch handed out to the Marvel crew members, the first look at Riri’s sleek new armor design has surfaced online.

Ironheart won’t be arriving on Disney Plus anytime soon since the latest shakeup of Marvel Studios’ release calendar. But fans’ desire to see Riri in action still remains high since learning details of Mephisto’s involvement and witnessing a glimpse of what’s in store during the series’ filming in August 2022. Speaking of which, a recent report confirms the bulky huge armor spotted on the set would be one of the early suit designs Riri uses during her potential face-off against The Hood.

According to CosmicCircus, the first look at the final armor has been unveiled through the crew merch given out by Ryan Coogler and others involved in the project. The outlet’s sources confirm that the red armor illustration on the sock’s cover is the final outcome of the armor.

The design bears a resemblance to Riri’s Mk I suit used in Wakanda Forever. But similar to the comic counterpart’s design – the suit features a heart symbol on the forehead and between the chest where the arc reactor resides. Readers can check it out on the product’s listing on eBay or in the image below.

After stopping Namor in Wakanda Forever, Ironheart fans hoped to see Riri Williams use the Vibranium-made MK 1 suit. However, those hopes came crashing down when Shuri instructed her to leave the suit in Wakanda due to the possibility of its resources falling into the wrong hands, in this instance – the foreign government agencies including the U.S. under Thunderbolt Ross.

It will be interesting to see what material Riri could utilize to create her final armor in Ironheart. Though it’s possible the MCU could do a full circle to have her use Titanium-gold alloy. If we are to speculate, Adamantium could also considered, especially since the metal alloy is expected to play a pivotal role in Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts.

Ironheart is expected to be released sometime in 2025.

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