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It Chapter 2 Movie: SDCC Attendees React To Terrifying New Trailer & Scenes

Still of Pennywise from IT Movie/ Warner Bros.

It Chapter 2 Movie: SDCC Attendees React To Terrifying New Trailer & Scenes

San Diego Comic-con 2019 seems to have kicked off with a terrifying start on Wednesday’s preview night with a panel held by New Line & Warner Bros., ScareDiego which presented the attendees with a new It Chapter 2 trailer along with an exclusive look at three scenes from the movie.

The panel, hosted by Conan O’Brien with director Andy Muschietti and the adult loser’s club cast members unveiled the first look at the new trailer and 3 new scenes to attendees and journalists and it seems to have won them over going by the reactions on Twitter.

Attendees and journalists have praised the sequel’s teasing glimpse as terrifying and “creative scare” as Comicbook’s Brandon Davis tweeted after witnessing the trailer and scenes.

Even THR’s Borys Kits tweeted, “Comic-Con: New Line just showed the new trailer for It Chapter 2. Scarily intense and had the crowd shouting and cheering. “Wow,” said the person next to me. (It drops to the rest of world tomorrow.).”

According to Screen Rant, the first scene shown at ScareDiego showed the reunion of Loser’s club after almost three decades and as they exchange words with each other, things soon turn dark when they begin opening their fortune cookies.

Nerds of Color described that scene as “creepy as f***” and that “everyone had chemistry with each other.” You can check out some of the reactions below.

The reaction doesn’t come as a surprise as the first trailer for It Chapter 2 gave fans a glimpse of the sequel’s weird spine chilling horror elements. Fortunately, Rest of the fans all over the world will also get to experience the trailer later on Thursday.

It movie became the biggest grossing horror movie of all time by earning a total of $700 million at the box office worldwide. It seems like New Line and Warner Bros. may be hoping for the sequel to become the first horror title to hit the $1 billion mark.

Directed by Andy Muschietti,  It Chapter 2 will haunt theaters near you on  September 6, 2019. You can check out the new poster below.




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