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Its Black Widow Vs Corvus Glaive In Avengers: Infinity War New TV Spot

Its Black Widow Vs Corvus Glaive In Avengers: Infinity War New TV Spot

Now that Avengers: Infinity War is less than a month away from its worldwide release, Marvel Studios has rolled out a new teaser promo which shows Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in action. The new 30-second teaser video titled “Gone” gives a glimpse of Black Widow taking on Thanos’ Black Order member, Proxima Midnight, who can be seen wielding a spear.

The video also shows some of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters Gamora, Thor, Okoye and Scarlet Witch in the spotlight. You can check out the teaser clip below.

The upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie will see almost all the major MCU superheroes come together to battle against Mad Titan Thanos. Thanos will be seen trying to get all the six Infinity Stones including the Soul Stone, the Space Stone, the Mind Stone, the Power Stone, the Reality Stone and the Time Stone with a sole aim to rule the world.

It’s already known that the Marvel superheroes will be divided into different groups in their quest to save Infinity Stones from Thanos and his Black Order comprising of Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight.

In the trailers, Thor can be seen with the Guardians of the Galaxy and later on teaming up with Rocket and Groot for his new weapon while Iron Man is with Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner/Hulk, and the new Avengers member Spider-Man.

By looking at the trailers, it seems the Black Order will also split into mini-teams to rival the superheroes. For instance, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive will battle with Scarlet Witch and Vision for the Mind Stone, while Ebony Maw will take on Doctor Strange for the Time Stone. We will get to know more about Thanos and his Black Order when Avengers: Infinity War lands in theatres on April 27th.

Marvel Studios is expecting Avengers: Infinity War to blast the box office with an opening weekend domestic collection of over $235 million.

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