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James Gunn addresses hiring James Mangold for Swamp Thing, disappointing Peacemaker season 2 update & more DC Studios news

James Gunn addresses hiring James Mangold for Swamp Thing, disappointing Peacemaker season 2 update & more DC Studios news

James Gunn‘s DCU is forging ahead with projects like Superman: Legacy but it has also impacted the development of Peacemaker season 2, a series in which the DC Studios CEO serves as the showrunner. In addition, director James Mangold made a surprising revelation about signing on to write and direct Swamp Thing.

A live-action DCU film from Chapter 1 of Gods and Monsters won’t be out anytime soon, not until July 11, 2025 – the date scheduled for Superman: Legacy. While addressing a fan query, Director James Gunn confirmed the Man of Steel reboot will be the first film from DCU. However, DC Studios will have Creature Commandos ready to release on TV before the Superman feature.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Creature Commandos has been in development even before James Gunn & Peter Safran took charge of the franchise. Moreover, Frank Grillo has also confirmed he is signed on to play an undisclosed character for the animated movie, a role that will extend to a live-action adaptation too.

Creature Commandos will be the first DCU project from DC Studios, confirms James Gunn

In more DC Studios news, Mangold was recently quizzed by Collider at the Star Wars celebration regarding his cryptic Swamp Thing post on Twitter from February. The Indiana Jones 5 director confirmed he is in the process of penning the script for Swamp Thing though since he is writing it alongside the Star Wars project – it’s unclear which project the director would tackle first.

Gunn also acknowledged Mangold was one of the first creatives to be approached after he started “charting the course” for DCU’s 10-year roadmap. From the looks of it, Bernie Wrightson could be one of the inspirations for the plant-based humanoid creature’s origin movie.

With Superman: Legacy taking the top priority at DC Studios, Gunn revealed Peacemaker season 2 won’t be arriving until the release of the first DCU film. This a disappointing update for fans of the HBO Max DCTV shows. Even so, the Peacemaker spin-off Waller may arrive before the Superman film “if it’s done in time” said The Suicide Squad director.

Creature Commandos could premiere sometime in late 2024, especially since Gunn has already written all seven episodes. Waller series may find itself on an early 2025 release slate if all goes well.




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