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James Gunn supports DCU fans’ plea for Gorillas, responds to requests for Detective chimp debut in live-action, DC Studios CEO teases Gorilla Grodd & more

James Gunn supports DCU fans’ plea for Gorillas, responds to requests for Detective chimp debut in live-action, DC Studios CEO teases Gorilla Grodd & more

From Gorilla Grodd to Detective chimp, DC Studios boss James Gunn is keen on exploring DC Universe’s obscure characters, which seems to include some of the fans’ favorite enhanced apes and chimpanzees from the source material. The director assured that the upcoming DC Bible won’t have “gorilla limits” unlike DC Comics which had a rule on over-utilizing Apes as a selling tactic since readers were delightfully entertained by the inclusion of the said characters. 

Make way for Monsieur Mallah, Ultra-Humanite, Congo Bill and other gorilla-based characters from the DC Universe. Gunn is months away from unveiling his roadmap for the DC Comics’ based adaptations, set to be explored across mixed media platforms. So DCU fans have lately had a lot of queries as well as council for the 10-year-plan, like encouraging the Peacemaker helmer to include more than one gorilla. 

Fortunately, it looks like James Gunn has no plans of limiting his imagination and that means he “will abide by no gorilla limits” tweeted the DC Studios co-chairman and CEO. He further added another tweet to the thread featuring the aforementioned gorilla characters. 

James Gunn teases Gorilla Grodd and addresses query on Detective Chimp’s debut

It also prompted fans to inquire if Gunn would introduce Detective Chimp or Gleek the mascot from the Wonder Twins.  To which the director responded by correcting fans “to understand your simians better”. Gunn dodged most of the chimp-related questions but responded to one fan stating, “hold your horses until the chimps thread please.” Readers can check it out below.

The DCU helmer also addressed a funny response to a fan’s amusing question if “Grodd vs Ultra Humanite, vs Monsieur Mallah in steel cage is an option?”. To which the director insisted on having a more open mind since DC Universe has a plethora of creatures such as Congorilla, Titano, Sam Simeon, Solovar etc.

Since taking on the new chief role to oversee the DC brand, Gunn has hinted at his interest to introduce lesser-known characters. However, that rule does not apply to all, like the Batman villain Condiment King. The director outright denied using the comedic villain for live-action.

So far, The CW has entertained the idea by introducing Gorilla Grodd in The Flash TV series. The show went a step further to explore the Gorilla Grodd arc by establishing the Gorilla City. Gunn even featured Charlie the Gorilla in Peacemaker but was soon killed off. 

There’s no question Gunn excels in his ability to tell a gripping story through creature-based characters. In fact, his upcoming and final film for the Marvel Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is expected dive deeper into Rocket Raccoon’s arc, an intelligent anthropomorphic that fans have grown fond of over the years.  So if anyone could establish the wide range of Gorillas in the DCEU, it’s undoubtedly the franchise’s current architect. 




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