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James Gunn’s Perfect Response On Why Fantastic Four Are Not In MCU

James Gunn’s Perfect Response On Why Fantastic Four Are Not In MCU

Since Fox’s unsuccessful attempt at rebooting Fantastic Four, the masses have been keenly expecting Marvel Studios to find a way to use those characters in MCU. Unfortunately, it has been stated on many occasions that it isn’t likely to happen.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige once again recently confirmed that there are no plans to bring in Fantastic Four or any Marvel character owned by Fox into the MCU, “for now, nothing” (via: Cinema Blend) However, it hasn’t stopped fans from pestering Feige or any other high-level executives that work for the studio.

One fan decided to ask the question to one of Marvel’s best director, James Gunn. He questioned the following. “I don’t understand why Fox doesn’t let the FF [Fantastic Four] in the MCU. The X-verse I understand, but the MCU needs Reed Richards.”

Gunn had the perfect response which is sure to leave the rest in a melancholic state. “For the same reason I don’t give my car to my next door neighbor,” wrote the director. Readers can check out his tweet below.

Another fan decided to carry on the conversation by stating, “But it was the neighbor’s car to begin with, so he should have a say.” But Gunn yet again had the perfect rebuttal to say, “Not if he sold it to me.”

It looks like current outcry is due to Marvel’s ongoing agreement with Sony. For the first time, both studios were able to negotiate and establish the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland as part of MCU.

The success of Spider-Man: Homecoming could also possibly lead to furthering their deal as well. Currently, Marvel and Sony have agreed to do the same with the sequel.

Unfortunately, it looks like Fox isn’t open to allowing its Marvel based character to appear in the MCU. Similarly, Marvel can neither make an origin Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo as Universal studios have the rights to the standalone series.

While we won’t be seeing Fantastic Four or any other characters owned by Fox in the MCU anytime soon, it doesn’t mean that possibility isn’t open. If Feige could make a deal with the studio similar to his achievement with Sony, it could possibly lead to the making of the best superhero movie.

Currently, Fox seems to be on a different mission. Recently, the studio also announced 6 new untitled movies under the X-Men Cinematic Universe. This move could possibly put the studio in the line of competition with Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. DCEU.

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