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Jared Leto Disappoints Redditors During AMA, Dodges DCEU Related Qs

Jared Leto Disappoints Redditors During AMA, Dodges DCEU Related Qs

Earlier on the 4th of July, Jared Leto surprised his fanbase by announcing that he’d be on Reddit for an AMA (Ask me anything) at 12:30 PM PT/ 3:30 PM ET.  Many were stunned as the actor revealed the news “ONE HOUR” before the start of his conversation.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jared Leto failed to address most of the Qs from his fans during the AMA. At present, the top comment by a user named maanofculture stated, “Worst AMA I’ve ever seen on Reddit?.”

Many fans also shared their concern but their comments could face the possibility of being removed as they weren’t stated as a question. One Redditor revealed that his comment stating “AMA is garbage” was removed as it was considered ‘out of topic’ for the AMA.

Leto was also initially targeted by DCEU fans and received a lot of questions about his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad and its future in the cinematic universe. Unfortunately, the actor remained unresponsive to any Qs concerning his fictional role from the DC film.

Leto remained on the safer side as the actor went on to answer a few Qs that didn’t pose a threat.  He also addressed fans that questioned him about his work ethic, lifestyle and his life as a musician cum actor.

While Jared Leto may be guilty of dodging questions from DCEU fans- the actor still made a ‘not-so-controversial’ comment to ET on his possible reprisal of Joker for Gotham City Sirens.

It’s likely that Leto may have been instructed not to answer any questions regarding The Joker and his future role in the DCEU. Perhaps, fans can expect to know more in the upcoming Justice League releasing on November 17th this year.

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