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Jason Momoa Confirms Aquaman Saved Superman In Man Of Steel

still of Aquaman from Justice League

Jason Momoa Confirms Aquaman Saved Superman In Man Of Steel

Soon after the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel way back in 2013, fans began theorizing that it was Aquaman who saved Superman/Clark Kent from the depth of the ocean. Prior to the release of the Warner Bros. ambitious superhero team-up film Justice League, Jason Momoa has confirmed that it was Aquaman who in the first place saved Clark.

The theory that emerged soon after the release of Man Of Steel is now being termed as true by Momoa. While Clark was working as fisherman, he saved many workers from a collapsing oil rig out in the ocean. While he made sure that everybody got out of it safe, Clark in the process got knocked into the water. However, he soon drifted back to the shore. At the time, Clark Kent had not yet officially become Superman as that happened only in the latter half of the film.

There were speculations being made that it was Aquaman (who reprises the role of Arthur Curry) who actually rescued him. Now, after four years, Momoa legitimizes the theory. In an interview with Tiffany Smith from DC All Access, Momoa said, “I’ll give you a cool little thing that’s not in this movie – what Zack [Snyder] kind of told me for his idea when he was doing – for Aquaman. In Man of Steel, when Henry’s saving – he’s on the oil rig, holding it up and all of a sudden he’s in the ocean and floats in the ocean ‘I had Aquaman save him.’ So they did cross paths at one point.”

It is not clear as of now if Zack Snyder had considered the indirect presence of Aquaman in Man Of Steel right from the beginning, or whether he had decided that after the film’s release. Anyways, we now know that Aquaman and Superman were friends even before Batman came into the scene.

Aquaman was indirectly introduced into the DCEU in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he happened to be one of the many metahuman subjects in the computer files of Lex Luthor. Arthur, in the video footage was seen destroying the camera that was tracking him. He then swam away at a supersonic speed.

Aquaman will be properly introduced to the audience through Justice League which will hit the theaters within two days on November 17. Trade analysts are already speculating that the film will have an opening of 110-$120 million in North America alone. The solo Aquaman movie with Momoa playing the title role will release on December 21, 2018.

Source: DC All Access




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