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Jason Momoa Wraps Justice League Reshoots In London

Jason Momoa Wraps Justice League Reshoots In London

Earlier this month, Director James Wan and Jason Momoa had to put a pause on the filming of Aquaman due to the Justice League reshoots. The 37 year old actor traveled to London to join Henry Cavill and Director Joss Whedon to continue with the extensive filming.

Finally, it looks like Momoa has wrapped up his part of filming from the Justice League reshoots under Director Whedon. Earlier yesterday, a video clip uploaded by an artist named Danny Minnick revealed he was at the actor’s wrap party in London.

Going by the description in the video uploaded on Instagram, it suggests that Momoa has completed his additional filming for Justice League and that the actor would soon be back in London. It’s likely that Momoa would travel back to Australia to join Director Wan and continue with the filming of Aquaman.

While Momoa and a few others were indeed on a break from filming for Aquaman, an earlier video suggested that the film crew were still on track with production with Dolph Lundgren. Nonetheless, fans can expect the entire cast to be back on set and continue working on Aquaman.

Currently, it doesn’t look like Director Whedon and the rest have completed the reshoots for Justice League. An earlier report also suggested that the extensive filming could on till August.

Some fans have also shared other concerns over the recent composer replacement for Justice League. Furthermore, fans are also keen on knowing whether the original score by Han Zimmer for the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman would go on to be used in the upcoming DC film.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th. Currently, fans are expecting trailer 2 to be screened at SDCC 2017.

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