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‘Jennifer Lawrence being hot and funny’ – JLaw fans react to No Hard Feelings trailer teasing R-rated coming of age comedy story

‘Jennifer Lawrence being hot and funny’ – JLaw fans react to No Hard Feelings trailer teasing R-rated coming of age comedy story

Jennifer Lawrence finally leading in a comedy story feature might just be what JLaw fans needed and the upcoming film, No Hard Feelings, hits all the notes needed for a comical entertainer coupled with some raunchy yet awkward sexual scenarios centered around JLaw’s Maddie and the 19-year-old Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman). The first trailer shows two helicopter parents searching for a woman to sleep with their son before he heads off to college.

Jennifer Lawrence walking up in a mini pink dress with strappy heels to say, “Mind if I touch your weiner?” may be all the teaser footage needed to promote No Hard Feelings. Still, The Red Band trailer does not pull any punches in getting the message across to its audience base. JLaw plays Maddie, a struggling Uber driver who accepts a craigslist ad put up by helicopter parents to save her childhood home.

Lawrence’s character is struggling to make ends meet and getting her car towed away due to a court order for asset seizure was the last nail in the coffin for her home as well. But after finding a gig that could get her a Buick Regal car, which could help her save her residence.

After accepting the parents’ offer, Maddie is taken on a wild ride hoping to bed their son. From stripping naked on the beach for skinny dipping to getting punched in the neck by Percy at what looks like a house party – Maddie does it all which in turn also makes her see the romantic side of the awkward teen.

Jennifer Lawrence fans praise raunchy comedy in No Hard Feelings as “2000s real cinema is back”

While reactions are filled with praises over Jennifer Lawrence’s tempting erotic scenes, some fans were also intrigued by the actress’ career move whichh ranged from doing a indie film like Causeway to an R-rated comedy – both titles have JLaw attached as a producer. Though a raunchy setting isn’t new territory for the X-Men star who has suited up as a seductive spy in 2018’s Red Sparrow so her performance in No Hard Feelings comes as no surprise.

Many JLaw fans shared their excitement with tweets like “Cinema is back”, particularly in the humor genre as one Twitter user noted, “Jennifer Lawrence reviving the early 2000s comedies”. Readers can check out the reactions below.

No Hard Feelings was described as tonally similar to Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher and Tom Cruise’s Risky Business. Lawrence will also be seen in Causeways releasing in theaters and on Apple TV+ on November 4.

No Hard feelings releases in theaters on June 23.




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