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Jessica Jones Attends Anger Management Sessions In New Season 2 Promo

Screenshot from Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer #2 (HD) - YouTube

Jessica Jones Attends Anger Management Sessions In New Season 2 Promo

The wait is over! Marvel’s web television show Jessica Jones is returning with its second season next month. Netflix released the second trailer of the highly anticipated series revealing what to expect.

The second trailer for Jessica Jones promises that the show will explore the superhero’s past and everything that led to her transformation. It focuses on her past and present issues that continue to complicate her life.

The clip opens with Krysten Ritter’s Jessica in an anger management session. She recounts all of the reasons for her anger. Her reasons involve the death of her family in a car accident, the experiments she was subjected to, abduction and rape, and the murder she was forced to commit.

In another shot, Jessica Jones continues to question her role in the society. She admits that some call her superhero, while others call her a freak. She is certainly not too happy with the life she has and admits she didn’t want it.

Jessica Jones Season 2 is expected to pick up from where the previous season left off. However, its focal point remains Jessica Jones tragic past and her new life as a superhero. The show will see her struggling and adapt to her superhero mantle.

More shots from the trailer show Jessica Jones taking down the bad men. While the trailer gives a brief glimpse of the supervillain Kilgrave from season one, it remains uncertain whether David Tennant’s supervillain will return or not. However, Jessica will have to wear her superhero cloak as the “people she cares about are in danger.” She must make some hard decisions and do something to protect them.

Besides she must deal with other her own problems like drinking and anger as well. “Jessica Jones, you are a hard drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman,” Luke Cage (Mike Colter) tells Jessica in the clip.

As revealed earlier, this season Jessica Jones will be working on a case that will compel her to look into her own backstory. She will be searching for answers from her past and the origin of her superpowers.

Jessica Jones will return for 13-episode Season 2 on Netflix on March 8. Stay tuned, for more updates.

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