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John Boyega’s perfect response to being fancast for Kang role trends after Jonathan Majors’ firing from MCU

John Boyega’s perfect response to being fancast for Kang role trends after Jonathan Majors’ firing from MCU

John Boyega has clarified his intentions regarding the fan casting to play Kang, the Thanos equivalent antagonist in MCU’s multiverse saga. But the hunt for a replacement to portray Kang the Conqueror is on or at least among fans at the moment since news emerged of Jonathan Mayor‘s forced exit. The Loki season 2 villain is no longer attached to Avengers 5 or any Marvel films since the Dec 18 trial found him guilty of assault and harassment.

With the verdict revealed on Jonathan Majors’ arrest in March, all eyes remain on Marvel Studios’ next move. Although a spokesperson confirmed Marvel will not associate Majors in any upcoming projects, no details were shared regarding a recasting. Meanwhile, many expect a potential update on the next Avengers which is currently being reworked by Loki’s Michael Waldron.

On the topic of replacement, any hope of seeing Boyega take on the task of playing the supervillain was shattered after he denied having any interest in the role. John responded to a fan’s query in a post on X from November, which encouraged him to take Anthony Mackie‘s help to connect with “whoever in charge of recasting Kang”.

Boyega simply responded with a gif of Donkey from Shrek implying he has no plans of pursuing the role. Boyega’s quick dismissal has some fans online attributing it to the backlash he received while being a part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi – arguing the Pacific Rim star would not be interested in working with Disney anytime soon.

For months, Marvel Studios has anticipated this outcome, particularly playing it safe during the promotions for Loki season 2. The studio also internally informed the marketing team not to feature Kang at the front and center of promo campaigns.

While the fate of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty remains unclear at the moment, it should be noted Marvel Studios is currently referring to the next ensemble blockbuster as Avengers 5 without including a reference to the multiverse Big Bad. MCU insiders like Charles Murphy insist Kang will remain a pivotal part of the ongoing multiverse story – indicating the studio would recast while other scoopers also discuss the possibility of pivoting to Doctor Doom as the main villain instead.

From Edward Norton‘s Hulk to Terrence Howard‘s James Rhodes in Iron Man – replacing actors has fortunately worked in the studio’s favor in the past. But It remains to be seen if Marvel’s Kevin Feige could convince an actor to take on a role surrounded by such controversy.




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