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Joker Cinematographer Lawrence Sher On Film’s Controversy Over Violence

Joker/Warner Bros.

Joker Cinematographer Lawrence Sher On Film’s Controversy Over Violence

Joker has already been released in a few regions like India and the R-rated DC film has so far received an overwhelmingly positive response from the fandom as well as critics. But nonetheless,  the movie is still a victim to controversy with some suggesting the nature of violence and its gritty story is problematic.

Warner Bros. has had to face several hurdles in the past weeks with even the families of Aurora shooting victims writing to the studio expressing their concern over violence portrayed in the movie. Some critics also had strong reactions stating the film could imitate real-life depiction.

Joker’s DP Lawrence Sher was recently a guest on THR’s Behind the Screen podcast screen and discussed the R-Rated film’s cinematography and gave his take on the movie’s violence.

“I don’t think the movie deals with [Arthur’s] violence irresponsibly or cavalierly in the slightest,” Sher says.

“Films that portray troubling things, I think are thought-provoking in ways that we can have the conversation. I rather people go see the movie, sit down afterwards and talk about some of the issues in the movie.”

Sher has worked with director Todd Phillips on over six projects including Joker and other past titles like The Hangover series and Due Date.

Even Phillips responded at the backlash but acknowledged the strong reactions stating:

“That’s the surprising thing to me,” Phillips said. “I thought, isn’t that a good thing, to put real-world implications on violence? Isn’t it a good thing to take away the cartoon element about violence that we’ve become so immune to? I was a little surprised when it turns into that direction, that it’s irresponsible. Because, to me, it’s very responsible to make it feel real and make it have weight and implications.”

The alarming notice from the U.S. government warning of a potential mass shooting in theaters during Joker premiere only added more fire to the controversy. But fortunately for WB, the backlash hasn’t affected the film’s early box office trackings.

Joker will be in theaters worldwide from October 4.




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