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‘Justice League’: 3 TV Spots Hype Fans With Brief New Scenes

Screenshot from Justice League Exclusive First Look By AT&T/ Courtesy to Warner Bros. and AT&T

‘Justice League’: 3 TV Spots Hype Fans With Brief New Scenes

Warner Bros. is going all out with its online promotions for Justice League. Since its final trailer release earlier this Sunday, the studio has rolled out with TV spots containing brief new sequences from the film.

Earlier today, 3 new TV spots hit the internet highlighting the team’s effort to ‘come together’ to fight the greater threat and hints the film’s lighter tone by calling them as ‘Friends’ in one of the video’s title.

All 3 TV spots are compiled with footages that have already been revealed in earlier teasers and trailers. But it also contains new scenes which manage to hype the fan base without spoiling its plot.

A video titled ‘Exclusive First Look by AT&T’ shows all cast members talking about their characters. While Ray Fisher’s talks about Cyborg and the team’s dynamics, a small new scene shows the superhero transforming his arm into a canon. By the looks of it, it might be his first time as well.

The TV spot titled ‘Friends’ gives a glimpse of the film’s humor and it definitely seems to be in sync. In the video, fans can hear Aquaman say, “You really are out of your mind!” while riding on his Batmobile. As expected The Batman has the perfect one-liner, “I’m not the one who brought a pitchfork.”

The last TV spot titled ‘Unite’ has extended footage from the final trailer. But it was first shared on the studio’s Instagram account. Readers can also check out our breakdown of the extended TV spot with the final trailer.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th this year.

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