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UPDATE: ‘Justice League’ Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed? Details

Justice League Official Promo

UPDATE: ‘Justice League’ Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed? Details

Justice League is all set to hit theatres later this year in November. Although there were initial rumors of a possible delay, it looks like Warner Bros. has no plans on releasing the film in 2018 as the studio may have already set the dates for the movie’s Blu-ray release as well.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. India has confirmed that the information present in the product listing is accurate. However, there’s a possibility that the dates are subject to change as Excel Innovators have told us to expect the information to be refined after Justice League hits cinemas.   

Recently, we spotted a product listing titled ‘Justice League (Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray)’ on (screenshot below). According to its description, the title is set to release around March 17th, 2018. Furthermore, the product is also available for Pre-order.

The product is sold by Excel Innovators, a company that sells licensed DVDs and Blu-rays from studios like Warner Bros, Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel etc in India. Going by the details, it looks like the information presented in the product listing might be accurate.

The Product’s artwork isn’t final yet. It currently displays one of the promo posters revealed in last year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The product that’s available on Pre-order is in the original English language. Justice League is confirmed to release in regional languages in India. It is currently unknown if the film would be available in dubbed versions in DVDs and Blu-rays.

The official synopsis can also be spotted below. The product is on Amazon Prime (Eligible for free deliveries). It all adds up to assure that the listing’s detail is accurate.

PursueNews has contacted Excel Innovators and Warner Bros. for a confirmation. The story will be updated with more info soon.

Justice League hits the big screen on November 17th this year. Currently, fans are anticipating the film’s final trailer which is rumored to be screened at NYCC.

Justice League

Still of Justice League Blu-ray product on Amazon

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