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Justice League BTS Photo Offers Close-Up Look At God Of War Ares’ Head Gear & Costume

Still of Ares from Wonder Woman

Justice League BTS Photo Offers Close-Up Look At God Of War Ares’ Head Gear & Costume

Some new Justice League BTS pictures have popped up online offering the best look at Ares’ God of War costume used in the 2017 DC team-up movie. Ares made his first appearance in 2017’s Wonder Woman. But the God of War also briefly appeared in Justice League prologue scene alongside other gods and protectors such as Zeus and Green Lantern. While David Thewlis portrayed the character of Ares in Wonder Woman, it was Nick McKinless, who brought Ares to life in Justice League.

McKinless recently shared several behind-the-scenes photos of his character’s costume from Justice League. You can check out the pictures below.

During an interview late last year, McKinless said that while he was expecting to be credited as Ares in the DCEU, the same did not happen. However, he admitted that he had a great time working with director Zack Snyder.

I did this role under the understanding I would be credited as Ares. Unfortunately, that did not occur,” McKinless said. “That said, I had a brilliant time. Zack [Snyder] is an incredible director and it was a real honor to be a part of the DCEU.”

Notably, McKinless also works as a stunt performer. He has performed stunts in the Game of Thrones episode titled The Mountain and the Viper, which featured the demise of Wonder Woman star Pedro Pascal.

In related news, Zack Snyder recently took to his official Vero account to share a new set of Justice League artwork that he drew himself featuring Batman and the Flash supposedly during the final battle in the film. He also shared a new storyboard revealing a scene that was not included in the final cut of the film. The scene in question would have featured Bruce Wayne aka Batman along with Wonder Woman at Wayne Aerospace.

Justice League is currently available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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