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Justice League Cast Share Descriptions Of Deleted Scenes

Still of Aquaman from Justice League SDCC Special Trailer

Justice League Cast Share Descriptions Of Deleted Scenes

Justice League (JL) has gone through a lot of troubles during production period since it had to go through director change and re-shoots. Few Justice League actors had opened up about the many deleted scenes in the film, prompting us to wonder how it would have turned up if they were not deleted in the first place.

One of DC’s most ambitious films Justice League has finally hit the theaters, but the film had a rocky start at the box office mostly due to bad reviews. The rough U.S. opening isn’t going to do much good to Warner Bros. considering that this has made it very difficult for JL to reach $1 billion worldwide. Even though none of DC comics’ films have so far reached this magical figure, it was being speculated that JL might just be able to make it! However, it is quite possible that things turn around for Justice League as word of mouth could boost the film’s run at the box office.

In an interview with GameSpot, few Justice League stars spoke up on some of the biggest deleted scenes in the film.

Willem Dafoe’s character, Nuidis Vulko was completely deleted. In JL, Aquaman spends most of his time on land. However, in the version before, he was mostly in the sea, and that’s how Nuidis Vulko would have come in. Speaking about the deleted scene, Jason Momoa said, “There’s a place where [Aquaman] goes down to, and it got cut out of the movie,” Momoa said. “He knows spots where he can go and he can see these statues, the remnants of (Atlantis). There’s Vulko–obviously we’ll have way more scenes with Vulko, Willem Dafoe (in the 2018 standalone) film Aquaman. There just wasn’t enough time in this movie.”

In the final released movie, Ray Fisher (who plays Cyborg/Victor Stone) gets a lot of screen time with his father in sharp contrast with his mother who is not there at all. However, according to Fisher, that was not how it was supposed to be. He said, “There were some things that you’ll probably end up seeing later on, that didn’t make it into this version of the film. There’s a scene with Victor Stone, when he still was Victor Stone, and his mother, that was really special to shoot.”

Aquaman and The Batman
While Justice League is undoubtedly the funniest DC movie released so far, it could have been funnier. Ezra Miller pointed out a funny scene that got deleted on the editor’s table! He said, “There’s a line that I miss from the film, that I wish was in there. Aquaman throws that thing against the wall in the Batcave, and Batman’s original line was–I think now he just says, ‘Hey. Don’t do that.’ But the original line was, ‘Hey. Don’t do that. A lot of my shit explodes.'”

Superman’s Black Suit
Henry Cavill had hinted on Superman’s black suit way back in 2016 on his Instagram account. But that did not make it to the final version of JL.

While the fate of Justice League still hangs at the box office, fans will have to wait for the Blu-ray to get a hold of the deleted scenes.

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