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‘Justice League’ Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Confirms Superman Black Suit Scenes Were Deleted

Cropped still of Superman from Justice League poster

‘Justice League’ Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Confirms Superman Black Suit Scenes Were Deleted

Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner confirmed in an email interview that scenes involving Superman in his black suit was deleted in the final cut.

In an e-mail interview with Inverse, cinematographer Fabian Wagner who shot big episodes like ‘Hardhome’ and ‘Battle of the Bastards ’for Game of Thrones said, “There were scenes shot. It’s a cool looking costume. Sadly we didn’t see that either in the final cut.”

Wagner then continued to say that “few scenes” did not make its way to the final Justice League film, clearly hinting that there were quite a few.

“Zack takes his time with telling the stories and I’ve always liked that about his movies. There are a few scenes that I was very much looking forward to seeing which unfortunately got cut,” Wagner said.

DC Extended Universe’s Justice League opened to much criticism and average performance at the box office, except in China and overseas where it continues to rake the box office.

Ever since its release, talks of many deleted scenes have been doing the rounds. One or few such scene seems to be that of Superman dressed in black suit. Interestingly, not very long ago, a visual effects artist who had worked on Justice League went on to say that the black suit was never part of the film. However, it seems like Wagner might know a little more.

Besides, way back in August 2016, Henry Cavill had teased a Superman black suit on Instagram while he was shooting for Justice League. Fans were hence certain at the time that they would get to see Superman in a black suit.

The comic book story-lines features the Superman black suit in The Death and Return of Superman narrative.

This was one of the most popular stories in DC history. Zack Snyder had partially and loosely adapted the story-line in his superhero team-up film Justice League. Fans of DC comics were very excited since Superman was only seen in classic red and blue attire until then. Another thing to note is that Superman in the comic book donned a long, jet black hair when he returned. Would that also have been shot in the film? We have no clue!

Let us hope that Warner Bros. includes all the deleted scenes including Superman in black suit on the Blu-ray.

Check out the tweets by reporter Umberto Gonzalez and Jeremy Conrad talking about the Black Superman Suit.

Source: Inverse




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