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Justice League Dark

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Justice League Dark: Fan-Cast For DC’s Supernatural Team

Screenshot of still from Justice League Dark animated movie

Justice League Dark: Fan-Cast For DC’s Supernatural Team

Justice League Dark is one of the movies that WB/DC plan to make in near future. DC’s supernatural side was recently explored with an animated movie by the same name, which showed just why the potential for a live-action movie is huge.

With the DCEU continuously expanding, here is a fan-cast for who should be cast as members of the team.

Colin Farrell as Constantine

Colin Farrell’s name has been rumored for the role of Constantine for some time now. Given his talent, screen presence and experience, he could bring the qualities of a chain-smoking sorcerer/detective who roams the Earth to protect it from demons really well.

The reason why this character becomes fascinating is that instead of relying on magic, Constantine depends on his witty mind to take control of the situation. The same was demonstrated very well in the animated movie Justice League Dark where Constantine tricked the three demons from hell.

Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna

Zatanna is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC universe. Apart from that, she is also a very important member of the team. Following the New 52 portrayal of the character, Alexandra Daddario would be perfect to play the character in the movie.

Daddario has the charm and beauty of the character that can also become one of the most powerful forces if pushed to a certain extent. Her dark storyline and the ability to cast spells by speaking them in reverse makes her an intriguing character.

Aidan Turner as Etrigan

Many fans will recognize Aidan Turner from Poldark. Turner portrays the role of Captain Ross Poldark who comes back to his town of Cornwall after having taken part in the American Revolution.

Since it is a period role, Turner would be perfect to play a character that first originated in the ancient times. His connection with Merlin, conflict with Morgaine le Fey and being bound to Etrigan the Demon till eternity is what makes him an interesting character to explore.

The main focus of this role would be Blood’s connection with the demon and how he has wandered as an immortal with this curse attached to him. Besides this Turner’s looks also match Blood’s to some extent, which is an added bonus.

Jensen Ackles as Deadman

As a narcissistic, fame-hungry and wealth seeking character, Jensen Ackles will be perfect to portray the role of Deadman. After his death, Deadman became a ghost and contributed toward saving innocent lives.

As a ghost, he has the ability to possess any body and also the power of invisibility. Another reason why the character’s a part of the team is that he is known to be a rather light-hearted character with a lot of pain. So whatever humor might be injected in the movie would come from Deadman a.k.a Boston Brand.

Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing

Ron Perlman has been the top choice for the role of Swamp Thing given his looks and heavy voice. So if in near future he is not being pursued for the role of Darkseid, this is one role that would really suit him.

Swamp Thing is an extremely powerful character. He possesses superhuman strength and plant manipulation amongst others and can match the likes of Etrigan the demon.

He is primarily a protector of vegetation everywhere and can also regenerate easily. He would be the reluctant member of the team whose contribution could become one of the most important ones in the movie.

Variety recently reported that Gerard Johnstone has been tapped to polish the script for Justice League Dark. The movie is also looking for a director as of now ever since Doug Liman left the project. No official plot details or release date for the movie has been revealed yet.




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