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Justice League Debut Trailer: Watch Aquaman And Batman Team Up In Fight Against Parademons And More

Justice League Debut Trailer: Watch Aquaman And Batman Team Up In Fight Against Parademons And More

One of the much-anticipated promo videos of the year has finally hit the internet. The official trailer for Justice League has been released and it is as breathtaking as fans expected.

The Man of Steel and supervillain Steppenwolf has not been revealed in the trailer. Although the big guns remain in shadows, Aquaman and Batman have taken the lead to grab the spotlight.

Fans get to see The Flash in action as the speedster and also give a glimpse of his humor side as Barry Allen. Moreover, Wonder Woman seems to take the lead in several instances of the battle.

The trailer also drops several hints that confirm there are more than just a pack of Parademons on Earth. Fortunately, the Earth also has an Elite army such as the Amazonian and Atlantian warriors. Fans can check out the trailer below.

By far, the trailer has received immense support from fans and managed to go viral on Youtube. The video officially shared by Warner Bros. Pictures has been viewed by more than 7 Million and continues to grow.

Justice League is all set to release on November 17th, 2017. Fans will also get to see DCEU’s Wonder Woman this year on June 2nd, 2017.

Technically, this is the debut trailer for Justice League. The earlier released footage at SDCC was filmed mainly to showcase for the fans at the event. Earlier this week, Warner Bros. began its promo campaign by releasing several teasers. Fans that haven’t watched it can check it out here.

Justice League trailer #1 contains many hints and possible plot secrets. Pursue News will soon release a breakdown report to educate new and long-time fans. Stay tuned.

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