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Justice League: Digitally Removing Henry Cavill’s Mustache Takes Weeks

Justice League: Digitally Removing Henry Cavill’s Mustache Takes Weeks

An earlier report stated that the ongoing Justice League reshoots were causing issues to the cast member’s schedule. It was reportedly revealed that Henry Cavill was one of them as he wasn’t allowed to shave his mustache.

Cavill is currently filming his part for Paramount’s Mission Impossible 6. The actor who is commonly known for his role as the Man of Steel had grown a mustache for his part in the action spy film.

Due to the recent Justice League reshoots, the Superman actor was required to don the cape once again to film some of the extra scenes in London. However, the only issue seems to lie on his mustache.

For reasons unknown, Paramount Pictures didn’t allow Cavill to shave his mustache to play his part as Superman. It was revealed that Warner Bros. had decided to digitally remove the facial hair.

Recently, Business Insider had a chat with some VFX artists from The Mill about the presumed “pain staking” process of digitally removing Superman’s mustache for Justice League. Surprisingly, the process seems to be common in the industry. Here’s what The Mill’s head of 3D, Dave Fleet had to say about the possible process involved in the removal of Cavill’s facial hair.

“Smoothing out tiny vellus hairs on the skin requires a totally different approach to removing a large volume of hair, like a beard or mustache. If we were to remove a beard we would have to digitally re-build the actor’s face behind the hair mass. We would need to build a 3D model of the face and then shade the surface of the skin to look realistic. We would then need to track the 3D model to the movement of his head and potentially re-animate his mouth. The amount of lip animation would depend on how much of the original beard occluded his lips. We would need to paint out the parts of the beard that extend beyond his shaven face.”

Fleet also went on to explain the time period for removing the mustache during post-production.

“One week just to make the 3D elements; then another three weeks to track, animate, and render the shaven face; and another two weeks to composite it all together.”

While it has been pointed out that it’s a common process, it doesn’t seem to be the fastest part in post-production. Furthermore, the film is scheduled to hit theatres this November. Hopefully, the studio manages to complete its post-production in time for its scheduled release to avoid any delay.

Source: Business Insider (via: Heroichollywood)




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