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Justice League: Director Zack Snyder Confirms Casting Of Darkseid Character, Details

Darkseid from DC Comics

Justice League: Director Zack Snyder Confirms Casting Of Darkseid Character, Details

Originally, in Warner Bros. Justice League movie, director Zack Snyder had intended to introduce a DC villain character known as Darkseid. However, after Snyder’s departure from the project, those plans were scrapped. But it seems like the director’s plans for the antagonist’s appearance went as far even casting an actor for the role.

Earlier on Vero, Snyder revealed in a post that he had cast actor Ray Porter for the role of Darkseid in Justice League. The director had originally planned to introduce this character in a follow-up to Justice League but it seems like the villain might have had a cameo in the first film if Snyder had his way.

Actor Nick McKinless also recently came out to announce that he was cast in the DC’s ensemble movie as the villain character Ares (uncredited). He went to state on a post in Instagram that he also shot a scene alongside Darkseid.

I played Ares in Justice League (not the previous actor). I was NOT credited for my work. We shot a whole fight sequence with Darkseid. I trained for 4 months to get in that shape.”

This is clearly not the first time Snyder openly shared his plans he had set forth for the movie. Earlier he went in detail about the Knightmare sequence from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and how it was an important plot point for the arc he intended to wrap up with a Justice League sequel.

The truth is that the ‘Knightmare Sequence’ in this movie, it was my idea that all of that would eventually be explained – is that a surprise? And that we would end up in the distant future where Darkseid has taken over Earth, and where Superman has succumbed to the Anti-Life [Equation],” the filmmaker said. “And there were a few members of the Justice League that survived to that world, and that they were fighting, Batman and a broken half of Cyborg – there’s only half of him because of whatever happened – they were working on an equation to jump back to tell Bruce… those were the things that we were dealing with. And the studio, they were still sort of into the big look, but the deep depth about how and why everyone was mad at each other…

Warner Bros. current plans for the DCEU is to direct better standalone DC films than making projects which would prioritize over a shared cinematic universe. By far, it seems to have been a success with the recent Aquaman and Shazam!. But that hasn’t stopped fans from fighting for the release of a Snyder cut version of Justice League since he himself confirmed its existence.

JL: Zack Snyder basically confirms the rumor that Ray Porter was set to play Darkseid. from DC_Cinematic

JL: Ares actor Nick Mckinless says they shot "A whole fight sequence with Darkseid". He trained 4 months for it but it was cut and he was not credited. from DC_Cinematic

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